Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday night brought a healthy crowd of 40 runners out to RunnersWorld to conquer the summer sauna. Coulda been hotter, but hey, who's complaining, right? There were a few regulars missing, and we'll make them run extra laps Saturday.

(You know I'm kidding!)

Jenni without a hat. I almost didn't recognize her! Kim in her new green outfit delivers on a request for a silly picture.

Ed does a little shopping before the run.

Actually, I think he was trying to find the articles of clothing borrowed by the bunny slipper kidnapper. Bobby actually correctly identified the articles and the retail cost of those items. I am assuming the kidnappers will be pleased with this?? No further clues were left, but I am sure they will have some demands to be met. Stay tuned....

Upon leaving for a run, a huge cloud did it's best to give us a little shade.

Trail Zombie showing his usual lack of maturity.
By the time we had gone one mile, the sun burned it's way through the cloud cover and the heat was on. An occasional breeze gave a little relief. But if you run fast enough, you'll make your own breeze!

Only one newcomer tonight.... Ryan came with his sister Lisa. Ryan ran a spirited pace and will come back for more, I am sure.

He also won a $30 gift certificate in our weekly drawing.

Way to go!!

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Candice said...

I'll accept my punishment in the form of another nighttime Turkey run!