Sunday, July 27, 2008

Running at 5:45 am

5:45 am. That's early. Or for some people, that just means they have to stay up just a little bit longer. Sleep is over-rated.

Starting a little earlier allowed us to get in a couple more miles before the oppressing heat set in. A crowd of runners gathered at Veterans Park for their weekend long run. The Tulsa Run group is growing as well.

While awaiting directions for the morning route, Bobby had a winged visitor soil his hat!

Zink Lake was glassy smooth, indicating the total lack of any kind of breeze this morning. Linda and Jenni pause for a Kodak moment.

Kelly was attentive on her morning miles and uncovered another demand from the bunny slipper kidnapper. I think the kidnappers are getting impatient and are definitely capable of unthinkable acts. This demand was printed on the back of the above deplorable photograph. So now it seems these terrorists want us to do some price shopping. How long must we play by their rules?!?

It's just gonna keep warming up. Please do not neglect to drink drink drink when exercising in the heat. Water is your friend. And, if you're sweating profusely (and who isn't?) you need to take in some sodium to replace what you're losing by drinking Gatorade or another similar sports drink. Also, some salty chips or pretzels will reload your system with what you've lost. Have a great week!


simulatedme said...

I believe this is a good time to mention, I am missing a pair of sunglasses. They are silver/grey with yellow lenses. If anyone sees them gimme a holler.

Bobby ya might bring out the best in people, but birds not so much.

Bobby said...

You should have seen my hand after feeling the top of my head to find out what had hit me. It was worse than the hat.

Candice said...

Ed - I do remember seeing a pair of sunglasses when we were cleaning up, so you might check and see if Kathy took them back to the store.

Anonymous said...

Yo Bobby. You CAN use your sock for that. That's what Brian does!