Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fair is in the Deep Fry of the Beholder

When: Saturday, January 29, 2011 7:45 AM-10:30 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Tulsa County Fairgrounds (21st & Louisville)


While we once again ponder the mileage opportunities for this weekend’s Fairly routed training run, we are mortally bound to pause and reflect, and possibly scorn – just a bit. While it is Fairly true that the Dom-N-8RZ are doubly blessed by being an incohesive blend of Intermediate and Advance staggerers, the concept of “everyone choose what works best for him/himette”, came with a fundamental assumption that this would be a one time declaration. Maybe twice if you caught us in a moment of weekness. And of course also allowing for society’s long practiced equality-plus Fair rights of the financially endowed, more than one declaration assisted with the generous sharing of the green with selected Run Leaders (and by “selected run leaders” we once again are excluding those who aren’t me) is highly not frowned upon.

NOTE To Nosey Regulator Types: “Generous sharing of the green” is not, most definitely, a windy expression for “bribe”, because that could be frowned upon in some bizarre SEC-ish sort of way. Plus, that wouldn’t be Fair. Rather, said sharing would be compensation for professional services that are not entirely unlike looking the other way in a favored nation treatment sort of way, would be an appropriate, but more importantly, Fair interpretation.
Notwithstanding the free market option herein defined, waiting until the weekly mileage targets are posted to “help guide” the selection of advanced or intermediate runner training regimen will henceforth result in an Old Country inspired very unlucky Irish hexing that renders the high mileage avertee with the dreaded double black toenail affliction, and not the gothically cool kind. Sounded Fair to everyone I polled in advance of this helpful warning.

So with drum roll pounding like marathon tempered dogs relentlessly slapping at the asphalt, Saturday’s tattered mileage targets are set at 6 (Int) and 14 (Adv). Which in the eyes of the un-sane Run Leader, never to be confused with the insane type, would illogically lead to a 20 mile solidarity target, although that might not be quite Fair, which seems to somehow be relentlessly nagging us throughout this electrophonic harassment. Choose your poisoned and unmarked path, or bring along some mind altering federal wallet stuffers, and let’s see if we can’t get a run on.
This weekend’s conditions: They should be Fair.
This weekend’s muster Location: It’s gotta be Fair, as in the 21st and Louisville variety, as in the Tulsa County Fairgrounds.
7:45 AM-ish sounds like a Fair time to start.

We’ll keep a fry on for ya’,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday in the snow

Here's a few pictures from Saturday morning's run. A large crowd rolled out of bed, dressed warmly, and got their scheduled long runs in. The coldest part of the morning is before the run--can we go yet???The scheduled run through down the neighborhoods, to Tulsa's oldest house, and back on the Katy Trail was scrapped at the last minute due to it being ice covered. We opted for our familiar route up and down the river trails, which had been cleared and was nearly ice free.The paparazzi was near the back of the pack--no surprise there. For the group I was in, a ten miler was on tap. (Ended up being closer to 11 miles.)New shoes!!! Woo Hoo!!!The Arkansas River has been invaded by 100s of pelicans. They are such dorky yet graceful creatures. Watch them long enough, and you'll see one scoop up a fish.A foursome of runners poses for a picture at the bears before heading back to Veteran's Park. Have a great week everyone! Stay warm, run strong.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When: Saturday, January 22, 2011 7:45 AM-10:30 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Veteran's Park (21st & Boulder)


Team Work Begins with “Me”

I know that we’re not ever supposed to look too far down the path, to literally wish our miles away, to mentally skip over the multitudes of cracks and crevices, and yes, even a road or path construction project or two.
But I must confess, Yes, I did gander a little peak, at the upcoming weather forecast for this weekend’s training run. You see, it’s just been so golly darned unseasonably hot these past few weekends that we have not been able to practically benefit from a good old style cut and quarter run - the type where we seperate the pretenders from the post-tenders. We run leaders, being basically raised by wolves disguised in running attire, relish the early morns where the Therm-O-Bulb (predecesser to today's digimometer) plummets, when the ice winds are howlin’, and the big boastin’ newbies are finally served a little helpin’ of what we adoringly refer to as “stumble pie”. So far, the hills and dales ain’t done it, the loop de loop routes haven’t worked, and the random routing misdirections have all failed. Basically, we yearn to feel needed. We need our brief mother superior moments where we can give the appearance of solemnly considering the tough questions while scrambling our hardest to make up an answer that can’t technically be proven as false, while all the time ensuring that we don’t provide anything of meaning that could be used to close the competitive gap between the young striders and the “more mature” and lightly seasoned mentoring path pounders. And when I say “we” in lieu of using the more formal moniker of “run leaders”, I of course mean “me”.
So while on one hand I appreciate the full team embracement of the Dom-N-8RZ spirit, and all that it implies, it might be just a little more personally satisfying for each of you (and when I say “you”, I of course really mean “me”) if it didn’t quite come so easily. hint-hint-hint So if all goes according to plan, and it does get really really cold, then you might consider dusting off those old acting skills and tossing a few “geez, it’s really cold”, and “how do you guys run in conditions like this?” softballs. And while we deftly swab our drizzlin’ snouts with the multi-hued gloves of a season once removed, you get to watch as our chests puff out just a little further (no tipping the cow please, and by “cow” I mean “me”), and we run leaders – Ok “I” – get to wallow for a short time (can’t stop long – gotta’ keep moving – unsolicited tip of the week) in undeserving moments of self importance.
NOTE: In the full spirit of self disclosure, believe it as if it might possibly be untrue, my co-run leaders did not put me up to the previous ramblings.
As a follow up to last weekend’s jaunt, I hereby officially declare that this whole democracy thing is done – over – kaput. While it was somewhat amusing to watch everyone rally around getting to select an alternate route for our 2nd loop, all it got me was a near fatal flailing up the infamous Denver Avenue hill. And I don’t mean in a good way. Each of you are unfairly warned that in the future what appears to be careful consideration of the wishes of the group’s majority opinion will in reality be an artful display of selective listening and indecisive misleadership at its finest.
Which mercifully brings us to this week’s run…a step back week of 10 miles on the advanced schedule, and a step up week of 12 miles for the intermediates. All of which rationally translates into a 12 mile solidarity run for all Dom-N-8RZ in tow. We have a craftfully designed 7’ish mile course that culminates with the solemn reverence to Tulsa’s version of This Old House, a few downhills thrown in to offset the inclines, another passing visit of runners from a time before us, a frigid shout out at the center of the universe, and another river bottom gazing expedition. If all goes well, we might even get to play a little train chicken (surely the train would stop if they thought we weren’t bluffing, don’t you think?) After that, it’s a simple little matter of a tack-on 5 mile trek on a route of our choosing (you know the drill, by “our” I really mean – go ahead, say it in unison this time). We start at our regular Vet Time (7:45 AM) at our regular Vet Place (Veteran’s Park). It just might be a tad bit chilly, so make sure you put on an extra layer of Leader-Hosen adornment. And remember, just as we often never discussed, your run leaders helped put the “awe” in simply awful.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bunny Slipper update

It has been a while since there has been an update on the Bunny Slippers. To those new to the RunnersWorld family, these baby blue rabbit house shoes are a prised award passed on from one runner to another usually weekly, but sometimes monthly or longer. They are awarded to one of our beloved for reaching a milestone such as running their first mile non-stop, running a first 5K, running a PR, being a nice guy/girl, falling and getting a boo boo, or for just being old.A month or so ago, Tom was awarded the slippers--not saying "old age" had anything to do with it--but....Pat aka Princess for some reason or another thought Tom needed the slippers. I do not remember the story of how Princess received the coveted shoe wear, but rumor has it that he spent many a night snuggling with the house shoes--one on either side of his face. It just made him happy.

There is a long history of these slippers. Once, Coach Kathy fell down and boo booed her elbow and just like clockwork, the slippers were hers for a week. Those owning the bunnies for a week, usually took them on some amazing vacations and other adventures. Coach Kathy actually ran a marathon in Mississippi with one of the slippers in tow. The bunny returned with the same band aid that Coach K wore on her elbow.

TZ took the bunnies on a trail cutting adventure and had to spend tens of dollars getting all the grass stains dry cleaned from the fur. (Some people think this is just a cover-up for something more disgusting.)

Other bunny adventures included a drunken binge, a pregnancy, and a story that Deon still will not confess.

Once, Larry Davied took the bunnies for a bicycle ride--duct taped to the bottom of the bike tire. Those who are animal rights advocates--let him have it. I've got pictures!!!!

A couple of summers back, one of the bunnies was kidnapped and held for ransom. It was months before the bunny was found, and although he was never tried for the crime, one Michael Stelly was allegedly the prime suspect in the abduction.

Back to the present--Mustache Tom had the bunnies in his possession for a good three weeks, and finally, awarded the rabbits to the duo of Misty and Brian! Misty seems elated to have the privilege of bunny sitting for a week. Brian seems enthusiastic as well--maybe a little TOO enthusiastic!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Race Into the New Year--better than ever!

Hundreds of our runners rang in the new year RUNNING! This was the 5th year for Race Into the New Year, put on by our very own Coach Kathy. This race has grown in popu;arity and quality each year, and is a great way for those making resolutions to get the first run of the year under their belt, or a good way to squeeze a few extra miles in for the outgoing year--your pick! Kathy greets runners as they file in and out of the HUGE tent. The tent--large enough to have it's own atmosphere held hundreds of people, and despite sub-freezing outside temps, the body heat warmed the interior nicely.
Robert, ducking inside to warm his piggies, has timing duties this night.
Cheryl is gearing up to get otside for the run. Can't wait to see some of her pics.
RockStar and Kate are already in festive mode.
The band Popular Culture was cooking. Their rendition of Benny and the Jets was better than Sir Elton John's--IMHO.
There was no shortage of goodies to munch on. Good carbs. Or, if your New Years Resolution is to cut back on sweets--BAD CARBS!Mmmmmm. Black Eyed Peas. There were 50 pans of corn bread to go with the New Years Day staple.
Freinds, family........and goobers.

At 11:40, we ambled out of the warmth of the mega-tent and lined up to run.
This man has the most festive hat of the night. The tips lit up. It was a hybrid Christmas/jester hat.
Incognito, Laurie lines up to run. She didn't fool me though--her eyes gave her identity away.
The Michaels family and friends. Miss Katie ran her 1st 5K (I think it was her first) and won her age group. Very cool!!!
At 11:45, the gun was fired, and the masses shuffled down the paved trail on the west bank. The course was an out-and-back crossing the 11th St bridge, which was also a great place to see the spectacular fireworks display promptly at 12:00 midnight. The display, while brief, was a near continous grande finale.

The photographer was slow--near the back, and tried to snap pics of the fast runners. Most did not turn out, but with some creative photo-editing, this capture was brought into focus.
A couple of love birds ran the 5K, dressed in wedding attire, and then tied the knot at 12:30. I did not get their names, but congratulations!
This race is a great family event--a place to celebrate without out worrying about the crazy party animals messing up the evening.The Gulley family all ran the race, and Jessica took home an age group award!!
After the race, Brian and Greg gave out the age group prizes, as well as several door prizes.

May this year be your best ever--running, and in every way.