Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bunny Slipper update

It has been a while since there has been an update on the Bunny Slippers. To those new to the RunnersWorld family, these baby blue rabbit house shoes are a prised award passed on from one runner to another usually weekly, but sometimes monthly or longer. They are awarded to one of our beloved for reaching a milestone such as running their first mile non-stop, running a first 5K, running a PR, being a nice guy/girl, falling and getting a boo boo, or for just being old.A month or so ago, Tom was awarded the slippers--not saying "old age" had anything to do with it--but....Pat aka Princess for some reason or another thought Tom needed the slippers. I do not remember the story of how Princess received the coveted shoe wear, but rumor has it that he spent many a night snuggling with the house shoes--one on either side of his face. It just made him happy.

There is a long history of these slippers. Once, Coach Kathy fell down and boo booed her elbow and just like clockwork, the slippers were hers for a week. Those owning the bunnies for a week, usually took them on some amazing vacations and other adventures. Coach Kathy actually ran a marathon in Mississippi with one of the slippers in tow. The bunny returned with the same band aid that Coach K wore on her elbow.

TZ took the bunnies on a trail cutting adventure and had to spend tens of dollars getting all the grass stains dry cleaned from the fur. (Some people think this is just a cover-up for something more disgusting.)

Other bunny adventures included a drunken binge, a pregnancy, and a story that Deon still will not confess.

Once, Larry Davied took the bunnies for a bicycle ride--duct taped to the bottom of the bike tire. Those who are animal rights advocates--let him have it. I've got pictures!!!!

A couple of summers back, one of the bunnies was kidnapped and held for ransom. It was months before the bunny was found, and although he was never tried for the crime, one Michael Stelly was allegedly the prime suspect in the abduction.

Back to the present--Mustache Tom had the bunnies in his possession for a good three weeks, and finally, awarded the rabbits to the duo of Misty and Brian! Misty seems elated to have the privilege of bunny sitting for a week. Brian seems enthusiastic as well--maybe a little TOO enthusiastic!!!

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okultrarunner said...

Very interesting. For some odd reason, this is the first that I have heard about the famous "slippers."