Saturday, January 28, 2012

RW Run on Saturday

Hordes of RW runners stormed the west banks of the lazy Arkansas Saturday for our long run. Could not have been a better day for it, as we are experiencing an unusually mild winter.Kathy gives out the 300+ runners their marching orders just before we all take off. Some were doing 10, and some 14, and some 5. The loop was much like one of our routes ran earlier, headquartered from across the river. Crossing the pedestrian bridge, we headed north on the Midland Valley Trail.
The paparazzi turned to snap a couple of pictures while jogging backwards--that proved to be a bad idea. After a fall, tumble, and quick pop-up, nothing was harmed but his pride--well, and the dozen goat-head stickers on his leg and butt.
Heading north--two miles down and three to go!!
Robert jogs along at mile three--looking good!! From all I've heard, it was a stellar day for everyone!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here and there

Saturday was goodbye. Goodbye for now to narrow sidewalks along Yale Avenue.

Goodbye to missed turns (my fault) that put us on 11th Street.
And goodbye to an old friend--the black locomotive at the fairgrounds. We'll be moving this Saturday to the westside. North of 21st street on Jackson. For the avid road bikers, it's practically where the Wednesday Night Ride meets. For fans of German beer, it's where Octoberfest is. For the skullies, it's where the boathouse is. For everyone else, it's right by where the Race Into the New Year was this year. (And the Polar Bear Plunge.) If you find your way by any of these hints, you'll be close.

Weeknight runs have just been fantastic. We just have not had any super-nasty weather. It's been so nice, we have had to resort to complaining about days in the mid 40s. Heck, even 32° is not htat bad once you get running!! For those so inclined, bring a camera. A good sunset pic is almost a certainty along Riverside Drive.

I had the pleasure of running with Sandra last Monday. She is training for her 2nd half marathon, and has her training dialed in. She can keep a chat going with the best of them too. Get to know her--she's a fun person!!

PS. Hi, Kathy and Troy!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another routine Thursday???

It was an odd night at RunnersWorld Thursday. Something was different--it was hard to put your finger on it.A good crowd showed up to run--like most every other weeknight run. Most of the regulars were there. Spirits were high, and a buzz was in the air, but it could have been the uncommonly good weather that is actually more commonplace of late.
I asked Edward what was new. Nothing. Nothing out of the ordinary for him, anyway.
I stepped back and surveyed the room, pouring over what was different. Then it hit me. Everyone was wearing PINK!?!?! WHY???

Then Kathy made the announcement.

RunnersWorld is promoting a new 5K called Run Tulsa Pink to bebefit the Turn Tulsa Pink organization.

Founded by Judi Grove, Turn Tulsa Pink is a focused act of awareness, kindness, and love to women and children who have been affected by any kind of cancer.

This is an awesome cause and is supported by people who have a heartfelt desire to pay it forward with kindness to people who are hurting and in need.

This short video describes the mission statement of these kind and giving people. It is worth a watch.

Watch for details about this upcoming 5k--a fun race for a great cause.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bling, Fanatic status, and a poker game gone bad.

Congratulations to Jeff and Mary for being just plain GOOFY last weekend. They both joined the ranks of those brave enough to run a half marathon in Disney, sleep, and then run a full marathon the next day.Just look at that BLING!!

Amanda earner Half Fanatic status after finishing yet another half marathon in Disney.More moons to come?

Monday night the store was jam-packed, and after the full and halfers left, and the C25K and walkers left, Brian and I had a poker game and I was losing BAD! With a full house, I felt confident and went "all in." But Brian pulled out four kings and I lost everyone's car keys. Sorry.

Friday, January 13, 2012

That's just Goofy!

A couple of runners strolled into RunnersWorld Thursday night with more hardware draped around their necks than Mr T.Sandra and Pat were sporting full body bling from the Goofy Challenge--running the Disney Half Marathon, and then the Full Marathon the next day. But wait!! There's more!! They also ran the 5K the day before the Half!! That's 42.4 miles of racing in 3 days. Couple that with several other days of frolicking around at Disney World, and they both probably got in 60-70 miles for the week, but who's counting? Running the Half nets a Donald Duck medal. A Mickey Medal goes to the Marathon finishers, and of course the Goofy goes to those "goofy" enough to do both. I especially like the 5K medal--as it was made of rubber!! Very cool!!

Also running the Goofy were Deborah Gulley, Christy Davis, Jeff and Mary Parker. Amanda Gulley ran the Half. I am assuming they all were still riding rides in Orlando, or on the plane home. This is an event that everyone should experience once in a lifetime. Several in our group have made the trip to Orlando, and we're just getting goofier all the time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome Back Michael!

A friend from years past rejoined the RW fold Monday night.
Welcome back a great friend, Michael Stelly!
Aka Firepants, Stelly Belly, Mob Boss, Dr. Facebook, Caliente.
(I like Firepants the best!)
Michael was a run leader a year or so ago, and is a fun guy to run with if you want the miles to seemingly pass fast.
Michael is coming off a long nagging injury, but is back ready to charge into training--5K? Half Marathon? Beyond?
Glad to have you back, Mike.

The couch to 5K runners ran the neighborhoods, and onto the river trails. Riverside beware! That sea of bobbing lights coming your way may be a hundred runners on their evening run.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet Robert Ray

For those of you who have not met Robert Ray, you need to get to know this guy. Robert is on a quest to reshape his life. Robert has been diligent for the past year+ in his diet and exercise, and jumped right into the half marathon training group. Robert has quite a few 5K finishes to his credit,, but succumbed to hypothermia during the Rt 66 Half marathon. Look for him to right that ship at Little Rock in early March!
This picture was from the Polar Bear Plunge, where Robert looked that chance of hypothermia right in the eye, and made it through 3 pools including a dive to the bottom of the last one to retrieve this medal. Crazy? Yes. Impressive? Definitely!

Robert has just started a blog which will document his ups and downs, and his quest in becoming fit, running half and full marathons, and his ultimate quest--finishing an IRONMAN! It's an uphill battle, but anything great goal requires work to get there. Robert's blog is linked on our blog list on the right. Check it out from time to time. You are sure to be inspired.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday, superb weather, anniversaries , new friends

Weeknight runs are always the same, yet always different. Yes, it's always meet-at-the-store-hang-out-for-a-while-run-for-2-8-miles-come-back-hang-out. But one day, we brave the threat of rain, one day it's the north wind we're at war with, and nights like tonight when treated to the most perfect running weather ever. And there's always something new to celebrate. Today was Tom and Nancy Wosencraft's 32nd wedding anniversary. They shared some champagne with us after the run, and we enjoyed them making us a part of their day.

It seems like almost every week, someone comes back from the past to run with us. It's great to see these friends and more fun to run with them again!! Teresa was a regular back when the group was 50-60 total. She stops by from time to time for an evening run as part of her ongoing marathon training. She always lights the room with her amazing smile. Hope to see you again soon, Teresa.

Each session brings in more and more new people, and some of these will be our future best friends. It's hard to get to know 300 new people, but if each week you introduce yourself to 2-3 people, by the end of the session, you'll know 50 new friends. I ran this evening with Trish (on the left). Tiffany and Elissa joined in at the end of our run for a group pic. Trish has a 5K targeted, while Elissa is tackling a half marathon or the Tulsa Run. Good goals, ladies. I enjoyed our run.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Jan 2nd Couch to 5K--Let the Training begin!!

For those beginning a new chapter in their lives with RunnersWorld and running, congratulations. Whether it is a new years resolution, a quest to get healthy and fit, or to knock out something in your bucket list, you have made a good decision. Running is fun, and with the friends you'll meet, this may be one of the most rewarding times in your life. So many of you are on Facebook, and it's awesome when the group "friends" each other, and the camaraderie just grows.
Part of the fun we have is picture taking and documenting our adventures in this blog. Ken (aka TZ) sometimes seems like the obnoxious paparazzi, but most of the pics he takes ends up on this blog, and on Facebook from time to time. If anyone objects to being blogged, please feel free to say so. And likewise, jump into the frame and introduce yourself. At the end of the session, we'll all have 100 or more new friends. Above, Kristin is rejoining the RW group--doing the Couch to 5K program. Edna is new to our group, and wants to add running to her fitness regime.
Coach Kathy climbs aboard her soap box and proclaims herself to be everyone's mother. She gave the new runners directions, headed out for a run, but not before making Ken stand in the corner.
Steve is another face from the past. Steve is starting his training over, but is no newbie to running, having ran marathons, and 100 milers. Steve has entered all three Mother Road 100 milers, finished the first one, and made it 50+ miles in the next two. He is an awesome musician--he and his wife Sarah make up the bluegrass band Dixie Twang.
Kathy made Ken stand in the corner, but it should have been Pat. Pat has the half marathon thing down to a science, and also has a 50K to his credit. This weekend, Pat and some friends will run a 5K, a half marathon, and a full marathon in Disney at the Goofy Challenge. Let's all watch him go down stairs when he gets back.
As I mentioned, it takes time to get to know everyone. I need names to go with faces. This was one of few night pictures that turned out, and since these runners were smiling, I had to post. :-)
I ran near the back of the running group, and Howard and I made sure the end of the train was secure. We talked a little football, and we're both wishing for a Cardinal smashing tonight. GO COWBOYS!!
Finally, Jennette (on the left) and Tina enjoyed the evening run. We talked about running plans and accomplishments. They seem excited to start their journey, and it'll be fun to see them cross the finish line.

Happy running, and see you this Thursday.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


What did you do on New Years Eve? Over 900 runners ended the year running a 5K, and started the new year finishing one. Race Into the New Year smashed an attendance record, and ran a new exciting course, which featured two champagne stops, and the best fireworks display ever!! The huge tent was packed, bulging at the seams with excited festivities.
Patty, Rockstar, and Kate squeeze in for a pic before the 11:45 start.
Music, and a laser light show worked up the crowd.
Funny looking hats were were the norm.
Funny looking people came out in droves. Stormy cleans up pretty good, eh?
The brainchild, and genius orchestrator of the race, Kathy Hoover, stops for a starting line photograph. Race time is minutes away!
This is a fast course, and finishing in under 15 minutes, while highly unlikely, is always on the minds of a few of the speedsters in the front line.
Cork-master Tim awaits the starting gun to spray the fast runners as they launch.
The huge crowd ambles down the trail, and eventually spreads out.

Right at the stroke of midnight, the fireworks began. A five minute display was punctuated with a brilliant finale. Back at the huge tent, more champagne, black eyed peas, cornbread, and other festive snacks were enjoyed by happy finishers.