Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Jan 2nd Couch to 5K--Let the Training begin!!

For those beginning a new chapter in their lives with RunnersWorld and running, congratulations. Whether it is a new years resolution, a quest to get healthy and fit, or to knock out something in your bucket list, you have made a good decision. Running is fun, and with the friends you'll meet, this may be one of the most rewarding times in your life. So many of you are on Facebook, and it's awesome when the group "friends" each other, and the camaraderie just grows.
Part of the fun we have is picture taking and documenting our adventures in this blog. Ken (aka TZ) sometimes seems like the obnoxious paparazzi, but most of the pics he takes ends up on this blog, and on Facebook from time to time. If anyone objects to being blogged, please feel free to say so. And likewise, jump into the frame and introduce yourself. At the end of the session, we'll all have 100 or more new friends. Above, Kristin is rejoining the RW group--doing the Couch to 5K program. Edna is new to our group, and wants to add running to her fitness regime.
Coach Kathy climbs aboard her soap box and proclaims herself to be everyone's mother. She gave the new runners directions, headed out for a run, but not before making Ken stand in the corner.
Steve is another face from the past. Steve is starting his training over, but is no newbie to running, having ran marathons, and 100 milers. Steve has entered all three Mother Road 100 milers, finished the first one, and made it 50+ miles in the next two. He is an awesome musician--he and his wife Sarah make up the bluegrass band Dixie Twang.
Kathy made Ken stand in the corner, but it should have been Pat. Pat has the half marathon thing down to a science, and also has a 50K to his credit. This weekend, Pat and some friends will run a 5K, a half marathon, and a full marathon in Disney at the Goofy Challenge. Let's all watch him go down stairs when he gets back.
As I mentioned, it takes time to get to know everyone. I need names to go with faces. This was one of few night pictures that turned out, and since these runners were smiling, I had to post. :-)
I ran near the back of the running group, and Howard and I made sure the end of the train was secure. We talked a little football, and we're both wishing for a Cardinal smashing tonight. GO COWBOYS!!
Finally, Jennette (on the left) and Tina enjoyed the evening run. We talked about running plans and accomplishments. They seem excited to start their journey, and it'll be fun to see them cross the finish line.

Happy running, and see you this Thursday.

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Jessica N. said...

I missed out on Monday's training because I was ill, but I will defintiely be there tonight! I hope I didn't miss anything imporant. I am excited to get started. Great pics!