Saturday, February 28, 2009

16 miles in the bag

This morning's long run was a 16 miler for the marathoners. We met at Veteran's park as usual, but an hour earlier. Rumor has it a few peeps showed up at the old time of 8:00. Pays to read your emails, guys and girls!Still, over 70 runners running with us. Several of our ladies were in Ft Worth running the Cowtown Marathon and half marathon. Two of our girls, Stefani and Kim were running the 50K. WTG!!!

But, we got to run a different course, the Katy Trail to Sand Springs and back. It was a nice change of pace!

I know you will think I am making this up. I am always such a kidder, well....a liar....but this is TRUE! I took this picture of the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks, and David James had just passed me. He always wears bright fluorescent yellow and/or orange colors, and the color of his jacket must have over-powered the camera. I took 2 pics, and they were both this way! He told me he wanted a copy of them....almost like he knew there would be something up with them. The 3rd pic I took of the bridge turned out ok.

One of only two bad hills on the course.

There was a little crowd support along the way.

Kathy had set out water in a couple of places, but actually there were several drinking fountains along the way.

Afterwards, some of our group ended up at Ollie's for breakfast. Sorry for the lack of relevant pics, but T Z was just so very focused on his chocolate shake that he forgot to take pictures!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday 2-26-09

Gray skies and a threat of rain did nothing to keep our faithful away from our run this evening. Over 70 runners ran with us through the historic neighborhoods in midtown Tulsa. It was a record high 81 degrees today....warm enough to make our usual Siberian cold front this Saturday morning seem all the worse.Our group is getting bigger and bigger. The store was was almost impossible to get in the door!

The Bunny slipper(s) was passed on from Sandra to Tatur Dave. TD was cited for his expertise in course design. Seems Sandra must like hills. (I'll pat Tatur Dave on the back as well though. Hill running has made us all stronger runners. Seems there is not near the complaining there used to be. Those measly hills in the Route 66 Marathon will be a breeze this November.)

Kim was given recognition for her weekend endeavor. Kim is running her 1st 50K this Saturday in Ft Worth. That's 31 miles for those of you who are metrically challenged. Then the NEXT DAY, on Sunday, she is running ANOTHER 50K!!! Make that 62 miles in something like 32 hours!! I know, maybe we should wait for the back slapping until she pulls it off, but I think it is as good as done. Kim has done her training, and has the spunk to pull it off. We're all pulling for you, Kim!

A coupla new faces this evening....Amanda ran with us for the first time. She was a swimmer in college, and now wants to sharpen her running skills. (Sounds like a triathlete in the making.)

Not a new face, but an old face....nope, that didn't sound right....make it an old, that sounded kind of mean too. It's Johnny Spriggs, president of the Tulsa Running Club, who brought a couple of people to run with our group tonight. Johnny is an old friend (there I go with that OLD theme again!) who has ran a few marathons in his time. This whipper snapper has racked up over 100 marathons, and will run the AOK 50K with quite a few Taturs this Sunday.

Another few visitors tonight....Boomer made a triumphant return!

Did not get Kim's dog's name. A cute guy though!

Jason and Malibu. (Jason is the one with the yellow singlet.)

It was nice to work up a good sweat tonight. Winter is almost gone. (Ok, Saturday I will have to eat these words!)

Upon returning, I thought I would take a few pics of tats. Can you identify whose ink is pictured?

Here's another

This one might be a little tougher, since it's a new tattoo.Let's hear your guesses!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday run and trail report

Running at 68th and Riverside usually always means a jaunt north. This past Tuesday was no exception. After some congregating and conversating, we headed out for our miles.

But 1st, a few random pics, courtesy of the resident obnoxious camera guy.Love the shirt, Terry!

Nathan, a newcomer from WAY NORTH ran with us for the 1st time Tuesday. Nathan lives somewhere north of Nowata, but actually lives closer to Coffeeville, Kansas. He wants to do the AOK 50K this weekend. That would make him an ultra runner who drives ultra distances to run with us. ot to slight Patty who comes from Henryetta, Jason and Lisa who drive in from Wagoner, and Tammy Wagoner who drives in from Oolagah. Confused yet? I am.

Also, Elizabeth (on the left) and Cassy ran with us tonight. They both ran the Poker Run a coupla weekends ago, froze like we all did, and came away with some nifty prizes. (Now I know where that bottle of champagne went!)

Sandra treats Boca to a nice 2 mile walk. Sandra is recouping from a hip ouchie, and is going runless for a week. Hope ya get real better real real soon! Really!

The back of Terry's shirt. I could use that in my next race!!

At the end the trail near I-44, channel 6 was doing a news story. Ed and I took this opportunity to snap their pics. Of course, we must have looked like such dorks....especially Ed.Am I lying?

I'm guessing the story was about the road construction on I-44....ya know the mess that took out our little concrete sidewalk we used on Thursdays that took us to the stoplight and crosswalk? And you remember the block of concrete on the river trail. I often would walk that section, and then run when reaching the asphalt.Well, that section of trail has been demolished.And the amazing thing is, the highway department has made us a temporary trail, which allows us to make it around the road construction to about 20 feet of trail before the orange netting blockading the trail that is being constructed. It was a nice thought anyway.

And the new trail, it will be nice. Not that anyone trespassed, but if they did, it might have looked something like this.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mid week review

A couple of quick blurbs about our mid-week runs. Tuesday and Thursday nights are great for socializing, tempo runs, speedwork, fartlekking (yes, that is something runners do!) and as is shown below, getting the dog some exercise.

How to dress on an evening when it starts out a little chilly and gets colder as the sun goes down....the best answer I have is "just run!" You'll warm up when you get going.But of course some people get long winded making announcements.But eventually, away we go!Two Spuer Runner Girls, and a Super Runner Dog set out on their run.

Thursday's run was a little warmer. Even running 4 miles, everyone made it back before it got dark!!

The lone Bunny was passed from Ronit to Sandra. Sandra deserves a pat on the back for her ever increasing abilities in her running. Seems every time I run with her she is a little faster.

Jason sports a "Nerdy" Psycho Wyco shirt he earned this last weekend running in Kansas with the Trail Nerds. Jason and Lisa, along with Janeen and Kate from our group, ran in sleet, frozen mud, ice, and other than Lisa falling on her *** 4 times, I think they all had fun. (Still waiting on your Psycho Wyco blog, Lisa!)

A few newcomers to introduce....To begin with, Charles, who ran with us Tuesday. I think Charles finished his run feeling a little frostbit. It was mighty cold and windy!

April (on the left), and her Mom Carol ran with us Thursday night. Was nice to have you! Hope the paparazzi did not scare you off!

From left to right, Angie, Kevin, and Vicky joined us for an evening run. They are part of Team in Training, an organization that besides training, raises money for Leukemia research. They seemed like such a nice group of people that we agreed to have reciprocal water privileges on Saturdays with them!Go Team!

Sometimes, you just gotta go for a run.

Monday, February 16, 2009

another Monday run

Another Monday evening run, Tonight, the weather was perfect, not freezing, not to warm, a good breeze to keep the sweating to a minimum.Carmen and Debbie head out a a good pace.

Susan and Sandra are not far behind. I was so glad to see Sandra out after her aches and pains she had Saturday.

Then there was the foursome of Deon, Bobby, Tom, and Michael. Deon and Tom pushed the pace a little after 2 miles. Poor old Ken, not pictured, had to run his butt off to catch them!

This evening, we ran the loop and finished before it was dark. It's so nice to have a little extra daylight in the evenings to get our runs in!

Please join us on Mondays. We always have a lot of fun, and if you're not there, we talk about YOU!