Monday, February 16, 2009

another Monday run

Another Monday evening run, Tonight, the weather was perfect, not freezing, not to warm, a good breeze to keep the sweating to a minimum.Carmen and Debbie head out a a good pace.

Susan and Sandra are not far behind. I was so glad to see Sandra out after her aches and pains she had Saturday.

Then there was the foursome of Deon, Bobby, Tom, and Michael. Deon and Tom pushed the pace a little after 2 miles. Poor old Ken, not pictured, had to run his butt off to catch them!

This evening, we ran the loop and finished before it was dark. It's so nice to have a little extra daylight in the evenings to get our runs in!

Please join us on Mondays. We always have a lot of fun, and if you're not there, we talk about YOU!


Bobby said...

Awesome run despite tightening up in the legs. Had one of my best times ever for 4 miles. Finally felt great in the legs after 3 miles.

Susan Michaels said...

I think Bobby's Bunch is fun so everyone should join in with us.
I had fun keeping up with Sandra.
LeAnne we missed you.

Sandra said...

Yeah for you Bobby!! I love the feeling of those great run days!!