Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday run and trail report

Running at 68th and Riverside usually always means a jaunt north. This past Tuesday was no exception. After some congregating and conversating, we headed out for our miles.

But 1st, a few random pics, courtesy of the resident obnoxious camera guy.Love the shirt, Terry!

Nathan, a newcomer from WAY NORTH ran with us for the 1st time Tuesday. Nathan lives somewhere north of Nowata, but actually lives closer to Coffeeville, Kansas. He wants to do the AOK 50K this weekend. That would make him an ultra runner who drives ultra distances to run with us. ot to slight Patty who comes from Henryetta, Jason and Lisa who drive in from Wagoner, and Tammy Wagoner who drives in from Oolagah. Confused yet? I am.

Also, Elizabeth (on the left) and Cassy ran with us tonight. They both ran the Poker Run a coupla weekends ago, froze like we all did, and came away with some nifty prizes. (Now I know where that bottle of champagne went!)

Sandra treats Boca to a nice 2 mile walk. Sandra is recouping from a hip ouchie, and is going runless for a week. Hope ya get real better real real soon! Really!

The back of Terry's shirt. I could use that in my next race!!

At the end the trail near I-44, channel 6 was doing a news story. Ed and I took this opportunity to snap their pics. Of course, we must have looked like such dorks....especially Ed.Am I lying?

I'm guessing the story was about the road construction on I-44....ya know the mess that took out our little concrete sidewalk we used on Thursdays that took us to the stoplight and crosswalk? And you remember the block of concrete on the river trail. I often would walk that section, and then run when reaching the asphalt.Well, that section of trail has been demolished.And the amazing thing is, the highway department has made us a temporary trail, which allows us to make it around the road construction to about 20 feet of trail before the orange netting blockading the trail that is being constructed. It was a nice thought anyway.

And the new trail, it will be nice. Not that anyone trespassed, but if they did, it might have looked something like this.


Susan Michaels said...

Leave it to Bobby to trespass.

Bobby said...

Hey someone has to inspect the new trail to make sure it is up to our standards. I say it passes.