Sunday, May 31, 2009

Training, Racing, and Cross-Training

There is always something "coming up." A little over a month ago, the OKC Marathon was on the front burner, so to speak. Now that it is past, new goals come into focus. Most of our group has stamped a bull's eye on a fall marathon, of half. Hmmm....another milestone race "coming up."

Closer on the calender is what is coming up this next weekend. It's the kick-off of our fall training session. Coach Kathy has a few minor changes up her sleeves this time around. First, there will be several sub-groups of 10ish runners each, all with a run leader or two. These run leaders are there to encourage, to inform, and will also keep an eye out for those who need some help, advice, or a pat on the back. What I am excited about is the creative names for these teams. I have heard a few, but I'll keep quiet until this Saturday. Should be hilarious, although some may be straightforward and all business.

Also on tap for this time around are pace groups. For those wanting to nail a goal time in their marathon, this should be great. There is also talk of having some Monday evening hill sessions. See Tatur Dave for more details on this. I plan on having a few hills for dinner myself.

For those new to the group, please jump in with all fours and make lots of friends. You will meet people who you may know for the rest of your life....and believe me, that is a good thing. If you see some little old white haired man with a camera, let him take your picture and make sure he remembers your name. He doesn't bite (but he drools a lot!)

Saturday night, a few of our group ran in the Kidney Klassic 5K. Nobody set the world on fire at this race, although Simone took 3rd in her age group. The team of Bobby and Sandra beat the team of TZ and Terrie. Terrie set a PR in the "almost-about-to-hurl-division." A toss of the cookies might have resulted in a 2 minute faster time, but who knows?

In our training schedules, a mention is made of "cross-training." What the heck is that you might ask? Well, cross training is some sort of exercise OTHER than running. It could be walking, it could be lifting weights, it could be step-aerobics, playing tennis, golf, disc golf, 12 ounce curls (No not that!) and it could be biking. Riding a bike is one of the most common ways to cross train. This gets your heart rate up, works different muscles in your legs, and you can get a great workout even when you are tired from a hard run the day before.Roman and Dana gear up before the Tulsa Tough Townie ride this past Sunday. They got in an easy 8 miles, and worked up a good sweat to go with it.

Sandra blazes by, and she's going uphill too!

Rock Star Ed takes a breather.

Heck, there were over 1,000 riders out for the Sunday ride!

This is from the Friday night Tulsa Tough race, while we were getting ready for the Kidney 5K. Amazing riders.

More amazing riders....this time, from the Wednesday Night Ride group. This is Cassy's 1st time in clips, and Stacy gives her a helping hand....I think....

There are lots of other good ways to cross-train. In the coming weeks, I plan to highlight some of the other methods. Should be fun.

Have a great week, and I'll see you out there.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Enhancement Pill

First things first: Congratulations to all of our runners who ran Andy Payne. It was a warm muggy always is for this run. RunnersWorld had a good contingent representing at this run. Can't wait to hear all the reports!!! (Picture swiped from Susan Sulphur's Face Book.)

Thursday night brought out a good crowd.A new runner joined us Thursday night: CAT! She is one fun girl.... ya have to get to know her!

Kristen (I know there are 328 different ways to spell Christin, so please straighten me out) joined us, having never ran, and wants to start out walking and then who knows. Glad to have you!

And Janna's friend, and I do not remember her name (MY BAD!) Someone help me out! EDIT: Janna informed me her friend is Angela. Thanks!

The bunny slipers went from Mom to daughters.

Amanda and Jessica will entertain the bunnies this week, as Debra merely sent them to the other side of the house for the week. Lucky wabbits!

Some of the Thursday night gang, led by Super Runner Girl Rachael.

From time to time, an interesting story arises from those in our group. This story came to light as Jason has in the past few months outgrown all of his shoes, and has had to buy new ones a whole size larger. Why, I asked, has his feet grown so much in such a short amount of time, and no sooner than I asked, the answer was revealed. It was the new male enhancement pill ExtenZe, clinically proven to make men's feet larger and to increase performance. Jason, during an interview, offered, "When I heard that over 50 million ExtenZe pills were used last year alone with guaranteed results in the size of men's feet and in their race performance, I thought, 'Now I don't really care if ExTenZe makes my feet larger, but that increase in my race performance, well that could be interesting.'" _____________________________________________________________________________________

Lisa added,
"When Jason told me what he was taking and what it did, I thought ... this could be FUN.

Maybe we could run 5Ks more often, ya know, regain some of that old spark?

ExtenZe is so sure that it will increase shoe size and race performance, that it offers a full 90 day guarantee. If you do not grow at least one whole shoe size, just return the unused portion for a full refund.Jason's shoe size before ExtenZe.
Jason's shoe size after ExtenZe.

Jason has since completed back to back marathons and is doing his 1st 100 miler this fall.
Jason added, "....And that increase in shoe size....well that was kind of fun, too."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Start of another session.

Guess what? It is almost time to start thinking about training for the next marathon down the road. OMG! Can this be right? Yes, it is. Very soon, we'll start in earnest in our training for the Route 66 Marathon and half Marathon right here in Tulsa. Along the way, there will be other great races for which we'll lace up our running shoes. The Kidney Klassic 5k, the Tatur Estim8ur (an 8 and 4 mile run on some roads and some trails), the Tulsa Run, and others.Sunday, 120 new runners signed up for our fall session, and Monday, another 116 signed up as well. Then, the phone calls and emails started coming in. "Is it too late to sign up?" "Oh, I forgot, can I still get in?" "Can you sign up my absent minded friend Trail Zombie? I think he is thinking about training for a marathon."

So, we will end up with way over 250 runners committed to getting in shape, getting in better shape, qualifying for Boston, losing a few spare pounds, and/or crossing a milestone goal off their life-list. 250+ runners....if you lined them up from toe to toe and head to head, and laid them down in a line, they would stretch all the way from RunnersWorld past Kentucky Fried Chicken, and all the way to the Mazzio's parking lot. Now, let's say every runner loses 2 toenails, and we collected them all, it would fill a 32 ounce Quik Trip cup up, and the blue lid would not quite would have to use one of those domed lids that normally you use for the slurpees. (I'll spare you the pictures.)

Some short news clips:Hayley won her age group and took third woman overall at the Aquarium Half Marathon. FAST! And AMAZING!

Joye won third in her age group at the Bristow Wildflower Run. Set a PR as well! WTG!

Deon PRd in the Full Moon 5k. Very cool, that despite getting on up in years, he still manages to shave a few seconds off here and there. Congrats!

Last Thursday's bunny slippers were awarded to Debra. Brian, who had the slippers last week, left the poor bunnies in the car for the whole seven days. I am betting they'll have more fun this week.

Tuesday's runners did a short Boot Camp session led by Clint Howard (not Ron Howard's brother.)

During the Tuesday run, a few of the runners stopped by at the Casino to try their luck at the slot machines. Rock Star Ed plugged the machine with a bill and promptly won 140.....pennies. darned penny slots!

Michael had slightly worse luck at the porta-pot. He did manage to get his dollar back though.

So, all you new have a lot to look forward to. Bunny slipper baby-sitting, an occasional sneak-off to the casino, (we mainly went in to use the bathroom :p) falling over in a porta-pot, losing toenails, and finishing your goal races! Making lifelong friends is just the icing on the cake.

See ya out there!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coldplay and trails

A sheepish apology for the last three "quick and easy" posts. T Z has been a little busy, but hey, these are good videos! At least I think so. This one should give you the urge to turn the computer off, lace up your shoes, and go outside to play! Anyone wanna join me?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great video!

Every runner who has ran a marathon, half, and ultra, or even the Tulsa Run can surely identify with this!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hope Rains

Saturday, a few of our fearless group stared rainy weather right in the eye, and bravely headed out the door to run in a 5K trail run which was guaranteed to be muddy.
In was the Hope Rains 5K, an appropriate name for a trail run on a gray cloudy day with a 100% chance of precipitation. Still could not keep the smiles off of Cindy or Chris....or for Teresa below, for that matter.
Some runners wore rain gear, some did not.
Lisa figured there was no way today would be worse than last week.

Coach Kathy makes T Z hold still for a picture.

Deon sports his bike racing gear, while Jason wears a 50K race shirt to a 5K. Isn't that bad etiquette?

Carmen and Sam all ready to go....rain or no rain.

Roman is: A. Showing that he is NOT cramming food into his mouth. B. Describing an unfortunate childhood accident. C. In a sneezing frenzy as evidenced by all the phlegm on his jacket.

Almost ready....
And they're off!!! Not much chance of finishing with dry feet today.
Carmen still tries to sidestep the mud puddles....
While Sam plows right through them!

Lisa charging the uphills.

The finish line at last.
Bobby finishes just a minute or so behind T Z and Lisa.

And OMG!! Look what awaits all the finishers!!! Grilled chicken and seared tuna, with seasoned green beans! Not pictured, white and chocolate cake. Very yummy!!!

This man was the hit of the after party....he made the most awesome balloon animals, hats, balloon lips, helicopters, and more. quite the talent. I hope to see him at more races in the future.
K2 had asked for a balloon hairpiece, and it ended up looking more like rabbit ears. Coach Kathy was fitted for a personal sized helicopter.

She was also awarded 1st in her age group!!!! 29:00 on this hilly muddy course was a very good time.
But Kathy was not the only one who took home bling. Cindy won her age group, and Teresa was just a few steps behind her. RunnersWorld girls ROCK!

Jason did the RunnersWorld men proud by winning his age group. 22 minutes and change....from a guy who ran back to back marathons just last week.
And finally, Tatur Dave won 3rd in his age group, finishing behind 2 speedsters, Darryl Stillson who is no stranger to the winners circle, and Trani Matthews. Good job, guys. Way to represent us old guys!

Finally, I encourage you to click on the above Hope Rains link. It is a website worth checking out, and a very worthy charity.