Monday, May 30, 2011

A small bit of help to people in great need

RunnersWorld collected a boatload of supplies for our unfortunate neighbors in Joplin this past week. Word of mouth, email, and Facebook updates got the movement started, and the end result was truckload of needed help.Many of our bunch donated, reaching deep in their pockets to help people in need. Several donated cash, and this cash was used specifically to purchase clean-up supplies and storage containers. Special thanks to Mitch, Mike and Diana Snyder, Ken Saveth and Know No Boundries, and to Brian and Misti Stanton for their generous donations. And tanks to everyone who brought stuff by the store or to Jenks.
Ken's employer Windows by Jeff (in Jenks) donated the use of a huge box truck to deliver the supplies to Joplin this past Saturday.
The purpose of the trip was really NOT to sight-see, but I did take pictures. It was something I felt the need to see, but at the same time, I wish I had never seen it. I had no idea of the actual devastation. Many houses were damaged beyond repair--but the walls were still standing. Most houses though, were leveled and reduced to splinters and rubble. I do not know how anyone could have survived a storm like this.

There were several areas collecting donations, but they had so much all at once that they were having trouble organizing it. It is a blessing that they have so much stuff donated--it just shows the kindness of people when other people are hurting and in need. We went to several different drop-off points, leaving a little food at one place, some cleaning supplies at another. Finally, it was suggested to us that we go to the VFW, who would take anything and everything.These folks were genuinely glad to have all we brought, and helped unload it in a timely fashion.
They had many volunteers sorting through the donated goods and placing it on tables for distribution.
We made a small difference in the tragic situation. Much more help is needed though. The Boomtown Half Marathon that would have been in a few weeks is cancelled, and it has been suggested that runners come anyway and donate a day of their time to help with the endless clean-up. If anyone would like to be a part of something like that, Let M me (TZ) know.