Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday Long Run Report

While most of Tulsa was still sleeping, 100+ runners from RunnersWorld hit the streets and trails along the river for their weekend long run. Gotta love running the pedestrian bridge! Running with friends always makes the time go by fast!Mike tearing up the road!

The photographer(far right) caught in her own pic!

Fresh off the set of "The Love Guru", Mini-Me tries his hand at photography!

Fresh off the set of "The Karate Kid 4" Ronit shows a new Karate move.

Cutting across. (Can't do that on race day!)

The final stretch!

Kendal is:
A. Answering someone as to how many miles he ran today.
B. Campaigning for world peace.
C. Admitting how many times he went through the buffet line at the "All You Can Eat Pancake Feast" at IHOP.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tonight's Runner In The Spotlight was Linda! First off, Linda was awarded the partying, hard-working, jet-setter bunny slippers from Mike for her continuing steady work and improvement in her running. I took a few minutes to visit with her to find that she has only been running seriously since just before the start of the year. One of her first runs with our group, Coach Kathy had suggested she run 3 miles, and Linda got a little confused with the mile posts, and ended up running 5 miles instead. At that time, Kathy said she was ready to train for a half marathon! Linda has ran a few 5Ks with a PR of 31 minutes flat at the Aquarium Run, and ran a half marathon at OKC finishing in 2:46:50.

Linda almost always runs with her friends Jennifer and Rachel. She always has a smile on her face which is a sure sign that running agrees with her. Linda's dream race??? Someday, running a marathon in Maui! Let's plan a trip!!


New faces, familiar faces, great toes, and ????

Top left, Meg brings her friend Ruth out to run.
To their right, Keri joins us for the first time this evening.
As does Chris. (Sorry about the blurry pic!)
Rob awaits the festivities before the run to the river.
3rd row down, Lisa sports an entire outfit from head to toe from RunnersWorld!
While Jason sports some cool ink.
Can you identify the toes???
Jeepers creepers! This last pic was actually taken this evening in the store. Any clues anyone?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Kathy Hoover had a birthday today. I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but I do know enough to not post her age, although I am guilty of pushing the limit on posting pictures. Let's suffice to say that for a month, Kathy is the same age as the local blogger. So what does Coach Kathy do to celebrate her birthday? Why run with her friends of course. It is Tuesday isn't it?

We had a few more new runners to our group tonight, and I managed to meet a few newer runners. Maybe it's my short term memory loss and everyone seems new to me??

Pictured above are Michael, Jana, Martha, and Dan.

To the right, May chats with Marvin, a real Marathon Maniac who no longer qualifies as a new runner!

After a warm-up walk, we're off and running. A few of the speedsters ran across 71st Street to the Turkey Mountain parking lot and back, and then ran the same route again. (Good way to work on your tan.) Most chose to run on the shaded trails on the east bank.
Joye stops for a pic with Trail Zombie.

Kicking it up a notch on the way back.

After our Tuesday run, it's time to stretch. Remember, you can and should do these stretches during the week after your workouts.

Ed walks like an Egyptian.

Birthday girl with her daughter.

Hey....where's the cake??

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday long run

Week three of our summer session went off without a hitch. We all got another dose of H & H, which will only make us stronger when the cooler temps in the fall roll in. Most of the Marathoners and halfers ran 7 miles, while the new runners and walkers did 2-3 miles.
Team leader Stefanie awaits her runners.

Ask Tatur Dave, and he'll tell you. I rolled out of bed at 5:30, and was at Boulder Park at 6:15 to take some pictures. Tatur Dave ran up just as I got there and had already ran 6 miles. I think he ended up with 15.7 for the day.

I am sure I have not met all the new runners to our group, but I am working on it. Jenni is supercharged after her run, while Dana is leery of the guy taking pictures. (Can't say that I blame her!)

Glenda and Sue rehydrate after their run.

Capable of flying like an eagle, team leader Ron displays an awesome wingspan.

Tammie is all smiles after her Saturday run....

while Roman is all thumbs!

Not sure about this....?

Another Saturday long run is in the books!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday night report

Our Thursday was a challenge with some of the warmest heat indexes we have had so far, and zero wind to cool us down. But other than a few flushed faces, we were all none the worse. In fact, a dozen or so belted out 5 miles with no worries!

But first things first! Tonight we had a few newcomers. Pictured below are Marco, who also ran with us last Tuesday, Sonya, who has trained with us for a couple of weeks and I had the pleasure of running with tonight, Molly and Gladys who ran with us for the first time tonight, and Austin who came with his Aunt Cassy. It's great to have each of you running and training with us!! :-)

The weekly passing of the bunny slippers went from Angie to Mike. While in Emily's care, the bunnies had a batchelorette party and even had the remnants of a vodka bottle in their box! Those naughty bunnies!
Mike was awarded the coveted hare foot-ware for his expertise in coaching. Mike joined the RunnersWorld team just this summer, and has been a great asset to our group!

Joye had a birthday today.... 39 was it?
The rules clearly stated by Coach Kathy are that if you have a birthday, ya gotta bring CAKE! Joye did better than that and brought CUPCAKES!
Could be why so many runners made such good time on their runs tonight.
60 runners, 48 cupcakes.
Made me wanna run fast!

Gosh, that cupcake never had a chance!!

Tatur Dave had more than his share or cup cakes tonight! Maybe we have discovered what his rocket fuel is.

Dana says "No.
No cupcakes for me!
I'll stick with my water!"

Bobby ran 5 miles tonight and must have sweat a few pounds off. Long steady running pays off.
Looking lean and trim,
Bobby took care of a couple cupcakes himself.

Brian does double duty tonight, leading the group of faster runners, and working the counter at the store.
He does an awesome job! Hope all this praise doesn't give him the "big head!"

Finally, this blogger gets to have all the fun, what with tweaking pictures and razzing his friends. But much to my disapproval, I am forced to post this pic. Despite Brian accusing me of not making the restroom in time, actually, I just sweat a lot!