Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Kathy Hoover had a birthday today. I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but I do know enough to not post her age, although I am guilty of pushing the limit on posting pictures. Let's suffice to say that for a month, Kathy is the same age as the local blogger. So what does Coach Kathy do to celebrate her birthday? Why run with her friends of course. It is Tuesday isn't it?

We had a few more new runners to our group tonight, and I managed to meet a few newer runners. Maybe it's my short term memory loss and everyone seems new to me??

Pictured above are Michael, Jana, Martha, and Dan.

To the right, May chats with Marvin, a real Marathon Maniac who no longer qualifies as a new runner!

After a warm-up walk, we're off and running. A few of the speedsters ran across 71st Street to the Turkey Mountain parking lot and back, and then ran the same route again. (Good way to work on your tan.) Most chose to run on the shaded trails on the east bank.
Joye stops for a pic with Trail Zombie.

Kicking it up a notch on the way back.

After our Tuesday run, it's time to stretch. Remember, you can and should do these stretches during the week after your workouts.

Ed walks like an Egyptian.

Birthday girl with her daughter.

Hey....where's the cake??


meg said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!! I'm sorry we didn't get to sing to you! Hey, life doesn't really start till after 40 and we girls know how to PARTY!!!!!

TATUR Dave said...

Hey Dan, it was good to see you out there. Hope you keep coming.

Bobby said...

Arrr Ed. You looked like an Egyptian pirate.

TATUR Dave said...

I won't say what Kathy's current age is either, but I noticed the picture at the top of the blog is from the Day-Ohn-Day race, and here are her results from that race:
Age Group Place: 1
Open Place: 35
Sex Place: 6
Name: Kathy Hoover
City, ST: Tulsa, OK
Age: 47
Time: 23:34
Pace: 4:43

Anonymous said...

Age Group Place: 1 (fast woman!)
Open Place: 35
Sex Place: 6 (Get mind out of gutter)
Name: Kathy Hoover
City, ST: Tulsa, OK
Age: 47 (not really all that old)
Time: 23:34 (really fast)
Pace: 4:43 (Smokin!)

Is she single?