Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Saturday morning has come and gone. Reasonable temps, and a tad of extra humidity made it a great day to train.

100 or so met, found their groups, and embarked on various distances. It's early in the scope of training, so most were going around 6 miles this morning. On the left--Larry: mean and lean....runs like a machine!

Roman does his best Garth Brooks imitation.

Runners cruising a short downhill on the west side.

Powering up the ramp heading for the Katy Trail.

Superstar Candice and newcomer Leslie take a break and pose for a pic.

Newcomer Christena is all smiles after her 1st run!

UH OH!! Who PR'd? Russell joined us for a little celebration after setting a personal best at the Runaway 5K.

All through with the run, everyone hung around, rehydrated, and made sure everyone was in and accounted for. Everyone was here....but Bobby. Maybe he got a wild hair and ran an extra 3 or 4 miles. Someone said they saw him around 15th street. I thought he might have ducked in somewhere for breakfast. It was even rumored that he may have got lost in the Katy Triangle. A few hearty souls ran the course backwards looking for him to no avail.

Dude! That's him over behind that tree!


Bobby said...

Olly olly oxen free!

Kendal said...

Beginner Half Marathoners
I sure miss ya guys saturday. Though I was gone,I still logged my saturday miles. It was a good run,but would of been better with you guys. Keep focused on your goals, everyone is doing a great job. I should be there Saturday. Have a wonderful week.

Your leader