Monday, June 9, 2008

Saturday, an army of runners with race horse legs stormed the shelter at 41st and Riverside for the Fall Kick-Off.
We had experienced marathoners wanting to fine-tune their endurance. We had Newbies wanting to work up to their first 5K. We had runners wanting to step up the the half marathon distance. We had runners whose longest run was 100 miles, and runners whose longest run was 100 steps. We even had a guy who was doing his long run on a bike!
Before we took out at 7:00 am, we split up into for beginning marathoners, one for beginning halfers, one for intermediate halfers, one for experienced 26.2ers, one for brand new runners wanting to train for the Tulsa Run or a 5K, and one for walkers. Team leader Ron, with great conviction, stresses the importance of body glide.

It was a great day to be outside. Just enough of a breeze to keep you cool, just enough humidity to give the sweat glands a good workout. We headed north and got to run on the trail between 31st and 41st maybe for the last time for a few months as Crossland Construction will be demolishing it this week for reconstruction.

After runs of 3 miles, or in some cases 6 miles, we hung out, drank Gatorade, ate nutritious snacks from the "O" group (oranges and Oreos!) and talked of our fall plans.
Not all runners are fast, not all runners will run a marathon, and not all runners run on two feet!
Some runners aren't due for another few months!

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Christal Pellerin said...

WOW! What a great turnout. Thanks for a great run Stefani and Ron. I'm ready for another six miles on Saturday :)

Bobby said...

It was nice to meet new runners and walkers. Hope they all continue to come out and I hope the ones that missed the first day will come out next time for some great fun.