Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our McDonalds girl!

Next time you go to McDonalds, check out the tray liners. Our very own Coach Kathy has hit the big-time, pictured with her group of kids from McLain who are training for the Tulsa Run as part of Mayor Kathy Taylor's Get Fit Tulsa campaign. While this blogger is not the biggest McDonalds fan, I do recognize the snack wrap as being a very nutritious meal and the soft serve ice cream is actually a better option than most other ice cream treats. I have also heard the new grilled chicken is a little more diet friendly. But for Kathy, a marathon is never complete without a pre-race feeding frenzy at Mickie-Dees. It is so appropriate that she is pictured state-wide on the place mats! Bring one with you to the store, and she'll autograph it for you!

We had a couple of new runners show up to play on the river trails with us on Tuesday. Cindy closes her eyes thinking the guy with the camera will go away.

Natalie poses with some old slow guy.

Remember....when it's hot, it's important to stay hydrated.

Larry, Moe, and Curly stop and congregate beside a sign bearing their likeness.

And finally, Kathy and Lindsey practice their Siamese twin pink flamingo dance routine.


dinesh said...

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Bobby said...

Way to go Kathy!
Got to get me one of those place mats.