Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kidney Klassic

Friday night, balmy temps, a nice south breeze, 300 friends at the river out for a nice run, live music, free your attention?? It was the annual running of the Kidney Klassic 5K. This race was an out-and-back along Riverside Drive starting at 21st Street, going out to 36th Street, and then returning to Veteran's Park. This is quite the familiar route, as 4 or 5 5Ks each year use almost the identical course. But still it's a good run with a nice full river in view the whole way, and the postcard perfect skyline of downtown Tulsa in view on the way back. A hearty crowd gathered at the starting line and awaited the starting gun. The Taylor's Titans group awaits the start of their 3rd 5K in as many months.

Suzanne all plugged in and ready to go.

Simone and Stefanie pose for a glamor shot.

Deon assuring us that he remembered his Right Guard.

Kristen either 1) casts her opinion of the OU Sooners pre-season football ranking, 2) signals that an attempted field goal was good, or 3) is showing Deon that she did indeed remember to put on deodorant.

The mystery blogger ran hard all the way cruising to a mediocre time, and the quality of pictures taken during the race were less than presentable. Likewise, the finish line pics taken after dark were blinded by the floodlights near the finish line. :-(

Brian celebrates another good race by wiping sweat all over Vicki.

Allen celebrates another Clydesdale award with some malt and barley flavored Gatorade.


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