Friday, May 30, 2008

A busy Thursday night!

'Twas the usual Thursday, with 30 or so runners meeting at the store to hang out before our evening run. This evening was our first outing of the year with temps over 90, and the humidity was kickin' as well.

Brian, Tatur Dave, and Michael discuss the finer points of fartlekking.

Not sure what Dustin is up to, but Stefanie and Candice have his number!

Roman gets to run with us from now on on Tuesday and Thursday nights, since he has taken a new job. YAY! Some other good news is that Lindsey's expected delivery will be a BOY!! Just look at that old GRANNY in the middle!!

Another cool thing this evening was that the Taylor's Titans team got to run with us. About 7 or 8 of my friends came out tonight to get their 3-5 miles in. Their ultimate goal is the Tulsa Run 15k, but they have a few 5ks on their slate, including the Kidney Klassic Friday night.

The coveted bunny slippers spent this past week and the long weekend celebrating and eating with Bobby and Susan. Hamburgers, hot dogs, onion rings....YUM!! This week, they were passed on to Candice, for making such an awesome comeback after laying off running for the winter months. (I give her kudos for getting her Mom back out with her too.)

Dana and Caroline push the pace on the way back to the store, while Deon airs out his armpits.

Brian and Tatur Dave considered streaking, but decided to just go shirtless instead.

More good news: the river trail is now paved between 21st Street and 11th Street. They still have sod to lay, and lights to install, but finally, we have our trail back!

Finally, the second drawing for the "shirt alert" was tonight after our run, and Linda hauled in the goods. See, it does pay to wear stylish Runners World gear!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday 5-27

Tuesday the threat of weather ended up being bogus. Never let a weatherman be your bookie! Despite the nice humid conditions, around 20 or so of our group clicked off a few miles this evening. The mystery blogger was late getting to the run, but managed to get a couple of miles in before hanging out at the picnic table at 68th and Riverside. The paparazzi strikes again! Say Cheese!!

It was a nice surprise to see Jeff, who is on leave for a week from the service.
Jeff finished up his run and then worked on his contortionist act.
Jeff will probably run with us Thursday.
If you see him, give him a pat on the back for serving our country.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day Ohn Day

A dozen or so of our group hit Riverside this morning for an easy 5K romp. This 5K started right under the 21st Street bridge on Riverside Drive, headed south to about 36th Street, and returned. I am guessing about 150 runners toes the line. My only gripe was the echo under the bridge made it absolutely impossible to hear the announcer speaking through a hand held megaphone. But oh well, who needs directions to run a 5K anyway?

Rachael ponders her race stradegy.

Allen (Mr. Photogenic) poses for another Kodak moment.
Tatur Dave prepares for a blazing run.

My goal was to run without having a bad 3rd and 4th K, and I did just what I wanted. I had only one kilometer over 5 minutes (5:10), and the rest all just under 5 minutes for a 24:55 finish, which is my best time in two years. But enough of tooting my own horn.

Our very own Coach Kathy ran like the wind, won her age group, and finished in 23:34 minutes for her best 5K time in 15 years. Way to go! Alan (28:57), Rachael (28:28), and Tatur Dave (22:27) all PR'd as well. Meg [sorry I did not get your picture :( ] finished in 33:25. Billy Woodruff (27:28) won his age group. Still fast at 70! Alan and I won Clydesdale awards, which just goes to prove that it pays to be a little heavy! :-Þ

Kerry (39:39) also PR'd, and Deon (39:45), being the gentleman that he is did not knock her down to beat her to the finish line. Awww, what a guy! Look at this gang of runners!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday evening run

Humidity was our running partner Thursday evening, and sweat was the fashion statement of the day. A crowd left from RunnersWorld at 5:30 for 3 or 4 miles to the river and back. I was a little late, and parked at 41st street hoping to catch up with all my friends. Bobby waved as he went by, and I caught him and Tammy on their return trip.
Next, I met Susan and Brenda, who represented the weekly passing of the coveted bunny slippers. Brenda passed them onto Susan for her string of PRs, (and for her almost being faster than Bobby!), and it seems the bunny slippers did what rabbits do best....multiply! I suggested to Susan that she might want to help the bunnies with some type of contraceptives before we have to get a bigger box!

Upon returning to the store, it was almost time for the 2nd sign-up for the marathon/half-marathon/Tulsa Run training. Can you believe that another 55 enthusiastic runners showed up wanting to take advantage of the free training runs!! Sign me up!!

Brian did a good job 'splainin' everything. He also had a pretty good sweat puddle on the floor.

Have a great long weekend everyone. Good luck to everyone racing!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday night, we were treated to a nice north breeze, and nearly perfect temps for our evening run. After a short warm-up walk, all the runners headed north for a few easy miles. Not sure if Carmie is waving, or saying "Hey! Get that camera outa my face!"

I ran with Mike for 1.5 miles, then hooked up with Jim for 2.5 miles. Jim ran at a sizzling pace so I guess I can say I have my speed work in for the week!
I wasn't the only one sucking air. Brian ran his miles today with Alisha at a 7:30 pace!

A good place for a walk break. Concrete is the hardest surface to run on....much harder of the tootsies.

I let Jim head on, and I ran my way back at a calmer pace.

Eventually, I caught up with Mark, who is new to our group. Mark ran his 1st half marathon last Saturday almost on a whim and did great. Way to go!!

I did manage to catch Jim before he left. Jim, judging by his noble last name, must be a man of upstanding character if I do say so myself. I am glad to have met him.

On Tuesdays, we stretch after our run. I usually manage to miss that (DARN!) but made it back today in time to photograph the "Pink Flamingo Contest." And the winner is....Joye! Afterward, we hung out and swapped stories and lies. Deon and Kerry discuss the finer points of....running maybe?? ....while Coach Kathy gets some tongue action!

85 sign up for marathon training!

Yesterday (Monday) we had the 1st sign up for the Newbies group, a training program for those wanting to get ready for the Tulsa Run, a half marathon, or a full 26.2. An amazing 85 people showed up to register for our group. The store was jam packed. This blogger was truly amazed.
Our training group meets at 5:30 Tuesday nights at 68th and Riverside, and Thursday night at the store, also at 5:30. I am excited to meet all the new folks, and Kathy, Brian, and I want to applaud you for taking the 1st step towards enhancing your life with running and fitness.

I'd like to say that the old saying "The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step" applies here. Those of you who are new to running, or new to walking-for-fitness will start your journey with that first step. We want you to start slow, not biting off more than you should at first. So many new runners make the mistake of going out the 1st time, running 2 or 3 miles at a brisk pace, and then are so sore for the next week they never give it another chance.
Believe me, I did just that some 30 years ago and never ran a step until 25 years later. In 2002, I began walking for fitness, and eventually began taking a few short runs during my 3 mile walks. Soon, as my fitness improved, I was able to do 3 miles mostly running, and later, I entered a 5K. I went from couch potato to 5K runner in about 3 months. Along the way, walking-for-fitness and running was always FUN! And it still is today.

We want to get to know all of you, help you reach your goals, and have some fun along the way. This blog will document our journey. If you are opposed to having your picture used, just tell the crazy dude with the camera. Also, be patient with him when he asks your name for the 3rd or 4th time. He has short term memory loss problems, as well as a few other mental issues, including cross-dressing. GOOD GRIEF, KEN! STAY AWAY FROM THE WOMEN'S CLOTHING!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

35 runners plus!!!

Thursday was amazing. We had picture perfect weather come 5:30 for our little run to the river. 72 degrees, bright blue skies with picture perfect puffy clouds, low humidity and a gentle north breeze. Dan Threlkeld did us proud!

Over 35 runners ran today with us today, many of which were Newbies bitten by the fitness bug. A few of us were still buzzing from recent races and PRs. And some were gearing for races this weekend.
Vicky, in a rare appearance OFF of the Turkey Mountain trails. Cindy and Teresa are heading to Ft Worth this July to run all night in at the El Scorcho 50K. It'll be Cindy's 1st ultra, and Teresa's 2nd.

This week, the bunny slippers were awarded to Brenda, who has been a steady Eddy in her training routine. She deservedly received the coveted slippers due in part to her 1st place age group award in last Saturdays Bristow Wildflower 5K. Then the coach told us to GET OUT AND RUN!
Some sights along the way....

The only picture I seem to be able to get of Brian is his back side, since he has gotten so fast!

Meg turns around at the 2.5 mile post, insuring a 3 mile run. Then the sign said SPRINT! Thinking Coach Kathy might have intended that for us, I stepped up the pace for the remainder of my run. Later, someone told me it was maybe Sprint telecommunications marking a utility line. Now you tell me!

An unidentified runner probably SHOULD have turned around at the 2.5 mile post!

Anyone running this weekend who wants to write up a race report, please e-mail them to us and we'll post 'em!!