Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wildflower Run in Bristow

Bristow was buzzing this morning with the annual Wildflower Run. 400+ runners were treated to perfect running temps, an overcast sky, and no threat of rain. This is the course where the 5K state record was set some years ago. Someone faster than the speed of sound ran this hilly course in 14:07, and I doubt that record will ever be beat on this course.A few RunnersWorld runners hang out before the race while Roman checks out Kathy's pole dance routine.

Donnie Harris from Hennesey, Oklahoma races at least one race EVERY weekend.

He was honored today for having run every Wildflower run....that's 17 in a row.

And today, he did it in a RunnersWorld shirt. STYLIN' !!

9:00 neared as all the fast horses crowded to the front. As usual, there was a "runners set, GO. But there was no gun. Our dear coach was still in the ladies room, and had to play catch-up ! Kathy poured it on though, and finished in 25:07, good for 3rd in her age group.

Our runners did well, with Brenda WINNING her age group!! WAY TO GO!!

Ken, who claims he doesn't like 5Ks has now ran three in eight days. He claimed he finished in 25:58, but the results said 26:00. But what's two seconds, right? Roman locked on a 10 minute/mile pace and cruised in for a 31:38 finish.

Bobby came across the line in 36:38, and Susan PR'd on this seemingly uphill-all-the-way course in 42:18. Put this girl on a flat course, and look out!

Hear this, Deon and Allen. Ken and Bobby took home the hardware with each taking 3rd.........
in their clydesdale division!
Again, congrats to all who ran in Bristow. Wasn't it a great course, hills and all? You all represented our group well!

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okdrtguy said...

Hey no fair with BRIAN IN MY GROUP!!!