Friday, May 16, 2008

35 runners plus!!!

Thursday was amazing. We had picture perfect weather come 5:30 for our little run to the river. 72 degrees, bright blue skies with picture perfect puffy clouds, low humidity and a gentle north breeze. Dan Threlkeld did us proud!

Over 35 runners ran today with us today, many of which were Newbies bitten by the fitness bug. A few of us were still buzzing from recent races and PRs. And some were gearing for races this weekend.
Vicky, in a rare appearance OFF of the Turkey Mountain trails. Cindy and Teresa are heading to Ft Worth this July to run all night in at the El Scorcho 50K. It'll be Cindy's 1st ultra, and Teresa's 2nd.

This week, the bunny slippers were awarded to Brenda, who has been a steady Eddy in her training routine. She deservedly received the coveted slippers due in part to her 1st place age group award in last Saturdays Bristow Wildflower 5K. Then the coach told us to GET OUT AND RUN!
Some sights along the way....

The only picture I seem to be able to get of Brian is his back side, since he has gotten so fast!

Meg turns around at the 2.5 mile post, insuring a 3 mile run. Then the sign said SPRINT! Thinking Coach Kathy might have intended that for us, I stepped up the pace for the remainder of my run. Later, someone told me it was maybe Sprint telecommunications marking a utility line. Now you tell me!

An unidentified runner probably SHOULD have turned around at the 2.5 mile post!

Anyone running this weekend who wants to write up a race report, please e-mail them to us and we'll post 'em!!

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