Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day Ohn Day

A dozen or so of our group hit Riverside this morning for an easy 5K romp. This 5K started right under the 21st Street bridge on Riverside Drive, headed south to about 36th Street, and returned. I am guessing about 150 runners toes the line. My only gripe was the echo under the bridge made it absolutely impossible to hear the announcer speaking through a hand held megaphone. But oh well, who needs directions to run a 5K anyway?

Rachael ponders her race stradegy.

Allen (Mr. Photogenic) poses for another Kodak moment.
Tatur Dave prepares for a blazing run.

My goal was to run without having a bad 3rd and 4th K, and I did just what I wanted. I had only one kilometer over 5 minutes (5:10), and the rest all just under 5 minutes for a 24:55 finish, which is my best time in two years. But enough of tooting my own horn.

Our very own Coach Kathy ran like the wind, won her age group, and finished in 23:34 minutes for her best 5K time in 15 years. Way to go! Alan (28:57), Rachael (28:28), and Tatur Dave (22:27) all PR'd as well. Meg [sorry I did not get your picture :( ] finished in 33:25. Billy Woodruff (27:28) won his age group. Still fast at 70! Alan and I won Clydesdale awards, which just goes to prove that it pays to be a little heavy! :-Þ

Kerry (39:39) also PR'd, and Deon (39:45), being the gentleman that he is did not knock her down to beat her to the finish line. Awww, what a guy! Look at this gang of runners!


TATUR Dave said...

When I signed up, I asked Brian if I should put RunnersWorld as my team name, and he said "no." It's his fault we didn't get the blanket.

By the way, my time was 22:27.

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