Friday, May 30, 2008

A busy Thursday night!

'Twas the usual Thursday, with 30 or so runners meeting at the store to hang out before our evening run. This evening was our first outing of the year with temps over 90, and the humidity was kickin' as well.

Brian, Tatur Dave, and Michael discuss the finer points of fartlekking.

Not sure what Dustin is up to, but Stefanie and Candice have his number!

Roman gets to run with us from now on on Tuesday and Thursday nights, since he has taken a new job. YAY! Some other good news is that Lindsey's expected delivery will be a BOY!! Just look at that old GRANNY in the middle!!

Another cool thing this evening was that the Taylor's Titans team got to run with us. About 7 or 8 of my friends came out tonight to get their 3-5 miles in. Their ultimate goal is the Tulsa Run 15k, but they have a few 5ks on their slate, including the Kidney Klassic Friday night.

The coveted bunny slippers spent this past week and the long weekend celebrating and eating with Bobby and Susan. Hamburgers, hot dogs, onion rings....YUM!! This week, they were passed on to Candice, for making such an awesome comeback after laying off running for the winter months. (I give her kudos for getting her Mom back out with her too.)

Dana and Caroline push the pace on the way back to the store, while Deon airs out his armpits.

Brian and Tatur Dave considered streaking, but decided to just go shirtless instead.

More good news: the river trail is now paved between 21st Street and 11th Street. They still have sod to lay, and lights to install, but finally, we have our trail back!

Finally, the second drawing for the "shirt alert" was tonight after our run, and Linda hauled in the goods. See, it does pay to wear stylish Runners World gear!

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