Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The coldest game on earth

Last Saturday the RW gang came out for the usual AM run dressed like they were on the way to a strip poker game. Layers layers, and more layers. and in fact, a poker game WAS on tap for the day--the bi-annual Poker Run. This is a fund raiser to fund all the snacks and Gatorade provided by RunnersWorld on our Saturday runs. The bad thing is, our string of warm days had expired, and Saturday was the coldest day of winter--so far!Roman knows how to stay warm. Heater on full blast, double gloves, hand and foot warmers, and an Amish space heater to boot! He looks warm and toasty.
Huge thanks to the volunteers who stood out and froze while getting people signed in, helping with awarding the winnings after the run, and also those on the course dealing cards.
Ray is working on assembling his poker team, and also keeping his nose warm.
Brian brought his Star Trek hat out of the closet.
Coach Kathy explains the rules of poker. 5 card stud--not Go Fish!!!
One of the most inspirational shirts ever. I can think of no better reason to run. (Well, that's a good one at least!)
Have to admit, since I was absent from the run, I do not know the story of Sherry. Anyone?
Robert cruising to the finish--about mile three in his run.
A mob of poker players approach the pedestrian bridge. Cards in hand--wonder if there's an ace up their sleeves?
Mitch and Kathy--dealers? Better not deal from the bottom of the deck!!
Here's a shady dealer. Roman passes out the two of clubs.
Misty and Darcy talk about the odds of drawing into an inside straight.
Read her face--Venus has a good hand.
Susan and Laurie scheming. Which one has the winning hand??

Special thanks to Susan Westmoreland, who took every one of these awesome pictures, and allowed me to snatch them from Facebook. Seems the usual photographer stayed at home snuggling under the covers nursing a sore knee.