Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last Saturday run in August!!

Last long run in August!! It only gets better from here!! Today the marathon group went 14 miles, consisting of a 3 mile loop, a 3.7 mile loop, and then 3.6 miles out- and- back. By my Garmin, we ran 14.02 miles. 5:45 AM to most seems early, but to some, I am sure it must mean they have to stay up a little later. Here, three RunnersWorld ladies are looking their best and ready to run.

The question:
What do you get when you cross a thirsty runner with a penny pincher?

The answer: ED!

After some directions and maps were passed around, we were off, running first the beginning 4 miles of the Route 66 Marathon course.

Then at the pedestrian bridge, we took the Midland Valley trail north to 15th Street, and from there ran the final mile of the marathon course. One loop down. If only marathon day was that easy!!

Gotta stay hydrated!

Team Bean members Kim, Erin, and Lisa, along with Lisa's Dad. Next time we see Lisa she'll be a married-up woman.

Jessie gives new meaning to "grinding out miles" after tripping early in her 20 miler on the railroad tracks on Southwest Boulevard.

Erin demonstrates proper technique in blowing a snot rocket.

It was around 46th and Elwood on our way back that someone told us to look across a field to see a fox who was laying down in the grass. I zoomed my camera in as much as possible, and thought this was the best picture I would get. But Tatur Dave went out and circled back behind it to shoo it our way. He got almost close enough to it to touch it, so I moved in a little closer myself. As I approached, he actually came a few steps toward me.I think if I had something to feed it, it would have ate from my hand. Wow!! What a treat!

At the risk of seeming like I am placing this picture to close to the FOX pictures, it was good to see Candice's Mom Joye back on the trails.

Special thanks to Advocare, who provided drinks, snacks, and prizes for the Tulsa Run Training Group.

I had told someone a couple of weeks ago that I thought Stacy and Tracy could pass for twins. Doh! But now I think Stacy, Tracy, and Cassy could pass for triplets!

Have a great long weekend everybody! :-)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday night adventures!

Well maybe this was the last Thursday evening this summer that will top 100 degrees. Probably was hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk. Yet that did not keep about 40 faithful runners from putting in their miles tonight. Some went 4 miles, some went 6, and a few went even further. We will all be kicking some butt come this fall at our planned races, and I'll be proud of every one of you!

Only one newcomer tonight and she won the prize for coming the farthest. Lisa is coming all the way from Grand Lake to train with us. She plans to do the Tulsa Run this year. She has done the 15K and the 5K in years past and wants to do her best this year in the longer race. It was great to have you and you were running strong when you passed me on your way back.

Rock star Ed has a birthday tomorrow.
He claims it's just his 37th, but we all know he must be pushing 50!
Happy birthday, brother!

These two, Jason and Lisa, are getting MARRIED on Sunday. But NOT before they get their 14 miles in on Saturday morning!!!!
We all wish you only the very best. And if you're going to an island on your honeymoon, can I go? I'll stay out of the way and you'll never know I'm there.
psssst! Lisa....those socks don't match!

The bunny slipper was passed this week from yet another Lisa to our very own Coach Kathy. Kathy is inspirational to a lot of our runners, and besides, this week marked the 25th anniversary of her working for RunnersWorld!
I suppose that is bunny slipper worthy! Let's all send Kathy positive vibes as she "Hurdles the weak and tramples the dead" at the Tupelo Marathon this Sunday.

Finally, we were out the door and running. While warm to the point of being stifling, it was still a beautiful evening to run.

One of the shaded parts of the trail.

Nedra, always smiling, makes tracks heading back to the store.

Molly, Tracy, and Cindy knock out some 9 minute miles.

After the run, Marvin gives Sarge a blow-by-blow account of his run.

Last Wednesday, my granddaughter had her 1st birthday, and Grandma made her the tastiest birthday cake(s). I had posted details in another blog, and Bobby was drooling all over his computer keyboard wanting some the cake. So tonight I brought it and everyone got to dig in as my granddaughter's party only resulted in the 2 kittens being eaten. Almost all of the mama cat was consumed, and to tidy things up as Kathy was trying to close the store, I threw the carcass away. About that time, Kathy, Roman, and Tatur Dave swarmed the trash can like a flock of hungry vultures. It was a vicious battle and it seemed at one point that Tatur Dave might take the cake. And "take the cake" he did, with a little help from Roman. Ya know it's a good cake when you wear it home!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The last Tuesday in August

Tuesday, summer hanging on, a fall breeze elbowing it's way was a perfect evening to run. Forty or so found their way through nasty Riverside Drive traffic to our Tuesday outing for 4-5 easy miles. Some, including myself, treated it as a recovery run from the weekend. Others, like Andy and Dustin, treated it as speed-work. Heck, all their runs are speed-work in my books!

We had two newcomers join us tonight!

Rose, on the left is starting her training, walking at first and easing into some running as she's ready. Betsy on the right has ran a bit in years past and wants to get back into it. (Just follow that guy behind you and you'll get all the running in you can stand!)

Ed wins the prize for most psychedelic headband. (T Z forgot his!)

Cindy is flabbergasted as Kathy displays the power or armpit smell. (Poor Steve!)

Despite rumors to the contrary, Tatur Dave is alive and well after running 52.6 miles Saturday night. He has since given up running. (For a day or two!)

It was decided that tonight we would stop at the exercise area and do a few reps before finishing our run.

Jennifer finishes a set of pull-ups. Ed did 30 push-ups using perfect form, while the photographer had to delete some old pictures because his card was full. Then Ed had to do yet another set for the pic! You can thank me later, Ed! Steve does a little stretching, while Rachael makes chin-ups look easy. Not to be outdone by Ed, Cindy and Sue belt out a few sets of push-ups theirself.

Missing tonight:The leader of Team Bean. Deon, where are you?

Also missing: Brian, who tonight consumed a whole jar of peanut butter and felt he had gotten too fat to come out to run. But hey, isn't peanut butter good carbs?? Sounds more like an overdose of rocket fuel to me. (Or an overdose of excuses!) :-Þ The worst part is that Kathy wanted a peanut butter fix, and found the empty jar licked clean. At this point, she went into crave-induced convulsions! Someone give this girl some chocolate! For Brian, this has been a recurring theme since childhood. He has always been Peanut Butter Boy!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Here are a few pictures of the Mud Run. Cassie took several and emailed them. She did a great job before submerging her camera in mud! To the left are Kinda and Rachael. Can you even imagine Rachael getting dirty let alone muddy?? Below is Team TermiTATUR....a group of crazy trailrunners turned muddogs.

Below, Glen pours it on after exiting the slip-n-slide.
Jenni gives up on keeping her new shoes clean and just runs.
Don't see much mud on that clean shirt, Brian!
Team McZuf poses for a pic.
Glen, is that Daisy Duke with you? Catra Corbett? NO!!! It's Kathra!

Kurt trudges through the mud, ready to get it done.
Careful!! Don't get the hay bales muddy!
Curtis and Charlie wait patiently for more beer.
Look closely. You'll never see Roman that dirty again.

If any of you would like to write a race report, please email iot to me and I'll publish it on the blog.