Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It would not have been a Tuesday night without our run at the river. More than 30 RunnersWorld runners came out for another dose of fun-running. This time, since some of us wanted to go a little longer, about half of us went south towards the Creek Casino and Jenks, while the others hit the trail heading north.

Next time you see Erin, ask for her autograph. Erin's "Bunny Slipper Rap" is climbing the charts and may crack the Billboard Top Ten very soon. According to You Tube, it has 112 viewings so far!

We had three new-comers tonight.
Stacy (left) and Tracy (right) joined us. Being a little slow to catch on to things, I found it odd that their names rhymed. Later, I thought they looked enough alike to be sisters. I was then informed that they were indeed sisters and twins at that!

Bottom right is Mindy whom I did not get to visit with. :( It's great that you three came out, and we hope to see you again!

I jumped on the southbound train and headed towrds Jenks. This section of trail is not really one of my faves since there are very few trees, and the landscape looks more like the desert. The river is nice to look at when there is water flowing and tonight there was a little. A hungry crane waits for a bite of sushi.

Sara and Stefanie and Sara cruise along with Jennifer and Linda hot on their heels.

Finally a shady stretch of trail near Jenks.

I hit the Quik Trip for a Rooster Booster, and headed back north. I did manage to catch up with a fading Brian, and then met up with Kathy and the three of us motored back to the bears. A picture taken over my shoulder shows runners in hot pursuit!

Tip for the day: SUNSCREEN! Even if it's cooler, even if it's cloudy, you can still burn in the sun. This poor dude has a good tan, but still managed to get a little crispy.

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Bobby said...

Wow Brian. Need some new skin there. Must mean you spent too much time on the beach.