Friday, August 8, 2008

Belated Thursday report

Clouds were working for us Thursday, and the temps which had been over 100 for the past week were pleasingly lower. The evening run seemed more like an evening in late September, with the sound of football in the air. It made for a fun run, and the extra effort a lot of us put in was well worth it.

Sandra, out to run with us for the 2nd time sprints down the trail.

The trio of Lisa, Kim, and Jason race past the 10K mark.

Bobby makes the turn and heads back to RunnersWorld.

Not sure what to make of this. Could it be some sort of clue in our kidnapping fiasco?

Finally, I hope and pray that we can reunite these poor bunny slippers. I wonder if Jennifer is helping the remaining slipper deal with the grief he must be going through. Our latest demand is a poem, letter, or song pleading with the kidnapper to release the bunny. Surely someone out there knows something as to the whereabouts of the slipper or the identity of the abductor.

Only one runner so far has tried to meet the demands made by these hostage takers. Erin has composed a heart-felt rap that should bring a tear to the eye of any kidnapper. Go get the tissues and click on the link below.
Bunny Slipper Rap

And the lyrics of this moving song:

Yo kidnapper we miss our bunnies
you better listen up here fool
What you done ain't even funny
and it sure ain't even cool

Ya know our bunnies got some heritage
An I know you want to hear
So listen close you kidnapper
Don't cut them bunny ears

To bachelorette parties they have gone
where things were really swingin'
they drank some whiskey, danced all night
The party they were bringin'

One baby shower they have donned
and they did not disappoint
Them fluffy bunnies oh so fine
They brought some high dollar oint.........ment

Try and golf they had their day
it's all a bunny loves
Take to the course , keep a low score
Give your opponent the rub

Playin' poker at the casino
those bunnies were smokin' hot
Our bunnies spank at counting cards
these cards are their sure shot

So you see my bunnies mighty fine
will leave a legacy
but their not ready to leave this race
so listen close to me

These runners all will kick your a$$ (bleep)
You ever seen Van Gogh?
Don't lay one hand upon those bunnies
Or your ears....will be the first to go


Bobby said...

That video was hillarious!
Can't believe you took the time to do that. The prize should definately go to you.

RunnersWorld-Tulsa said...

Erin did a great job on it. I am wondering if there is an academy award in her future.