Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last Saturday run in August!!

Last long run in August!! It only gets better from here!! Today the marathon group went 14 miles, consisting of a 3 mile loop, a 3.7 mile loop, and then 3.6 miles out- and- back. By my Garmin, we ran 14.02 miles. 5:45 AM to most seems early, but to some, I am sure it must mean they have to stay up a little later. Here, three RunnersWorld ladies are looking their best and ready to run.

The question:
What do you get when you cross a thirsty runner with a penny pincher?

The answer: ED!

After some directions and maps were passed around, we were off, running first the beginning 4 miles of the Route 66 Marathon course.

Then at the pedestrian bridge, we took the Midland Valley trail north to 15th Street, and from there ran the final mile of the marathon course. One loop down. If only marathon day was that easy!!

Gotta stay hydrated!

Team Bean members Kim, Erin, and Lisa, along with Lisa's Dad. Next time we see Lisa she'll be a married-up woman.

Jessie gives new meaning to "grinding out miles" after tripping early in her 20 miler on the railroad tracks on Southwest Boulevard.

Erin demonstrates proper technique in blowing a snot rocket.

It was around 46th and Elwood on our way back that someone told us to look across a field to see a fox who was laying down in the grass. I zoomed my camera in as much as possible, and thought this was the best picture I would get. But Tatur Dave went out and circled back behind it to shoo it our way. He got almost close enough to it to touch it, so I moved in a little closer myself. As I approached, he actually came a few steps toward me.I think if I had something to feed it, it would have ate from my hand. Wow!! What a treat!

At the risk of seeming like I am placing this picture to close to the FOX pictures, it was good to see Candice's Mom Joye back on the trails.

Special thanks to Advocare, who provided drinks, snacks, and prizes for the Tulsa Run Training Group.

I had told someone a couple of weeks ago that I thought Stacy and Tracy could pass for twins. Doh! But now I think Stacy, Tracy, and Cassy could pass for triplets!

Have a great long weekend everybody! :-)


elynnlll said...

Great job documenting the run today. I think you summed it all up. Tjose were some great shots of the fox.

Bobby said...

Erin, I haven't mastered the
blowing a snot rocket technique yet. Thanks for the demonstration.
Not sure how that fits in with the "fox" subject.

elynnlll said...

Are you kidding? Look at that foxy, your right. It doesn't fit.

TATUR Dave said...

I enjoyed running with the foxy chick, and the snot rocket technique just added to her charm. It was also way cool stalking the real fox.

(BTW if the foxy chick comment gets back to Travis or my wife, it is meant in jest, so just chill!)

T Z said...

Actually, the fox-innuendo was pointed more towards Joye, although if the shoe fits....

susan michaels said...

I think all us girls at runnersworld are foxes LOL. Who cares what anyone else thinks.

TATUR Dave said...

I was just keying off of Bobby's comment. I did give a hug to Joye the fox, though. It was good to see her out running with Candice again.

Susan, you are definitely a fox, as are the rest of the RunnersWorld girls. (Bobby won't get mad for me saying that, will he?) :-)

T Z said...

Wow T-Dave. First you are picking up on the "cute chicks", now calling Susan a fox! You are getting as bad as I am!!!

susan michaels said...

Thanks Dave. Bobby would just agree with you about all us runnersworld girls.

Bobby said...

I'll agree Susan is a "sly" fox.
I better not comment on the other gals for fear of getting into trouble.

susan michaels said...

nothing wrong with a little fun and humor amongst friends.

T Z said...

So shall we refer to A. the fox with the big bushy tail, and B. all other foxes?