Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday's run

Clouds and an easterly breeze greeted a swarm of runners at 68th and Riverside Tuesday afternoon at 5:29. I say 5:29 because a herd of fillies could not wait to get trotting and left even before the usual announcements and such. The old man that takes the pictures, being the mileage hound that he is, ran from his house and would have been at the parking lot at 5:30, but alas, was one minute late. He did manage to catch a running shot that ended up being a little blurry.

We had one newcomer join us this evening. Lauren, who used to run with our group about two years ago, and is ready to get back into racing shape. She has a big bulls-eye on the Route 66 half marathon. We wish you the best of luck in your training. :-)

Along the way, Kathy stops to tell Marvin and Candice about her weekend marathon in Mississippi. She ran the whole marathon with the remaining bunny slipper. Look for a full race and road trip report in the next few days.

Carmie, Cindy, and Teresa roll into the water stop en route to 4 easy miles.

Hints of progress. The trail north of I-44 will split at about 46th Street. Whereas the old one ran right along the road, there will be another trail more along the river. Plus, we get the added benefit of another small hill.

After the run, the mayor of Beanville discusses training strategies.

Remember the picture of the green eye posted a couple of weeks ago? Well, this photo or clipping of a photo was thrown in the front door at RunnersWorld wrapped around a half eaten carrot. Now the question is, since there was no note attached, is this a picture of the bunny slipper kidnapper? Maybe he/she is trying to give him/herself up? Let's all put our heads together to try to find our missing bunny.

See you all Thursday!


Bobby said...

Wow! Another great photo of the Tulsa sky. I'm saving that one.

Bobby said...

Hum... I went to save that photo and it was named san_juan_cloudy_sunset. Guess it wasn't the Tulsa sky after all.
Oh well, still pretty.

T Z said...

Well I am busted! But so are you! Those are not really pictures of you on YOUR blog either!! :-Þ