Thursday, September 25, 2008

Summer tried to make it's last stand Thursday night. It was a warm afternoon/evening for a run, but the ever-tough runners of RunnersWorld ate up the miles like it was a cool crisp November day. 30-40 runners gathered at the store as 5:30 rolled around. We waited a few extra minutes as it seems there was one zillion
cars stacked up on I-44 keeping quite a few of the group from making it on time.Kathy made a few announcements about the Saturday 18 miler that's coming up.We then recognized a few birthdays. Mike turned another year older which goes to prove you CAN still run when you get up in years.

Lindsay had a birthday and we may have another birthday before the weekend is up. I'm betting it's a 10 pounder.
I know, I should be slapped!

Sarah did not have a birthday, but set a HUGE PR in the Race for the Cure 5K last Saturday. I am doing good to run a 5K in 25 minutes, and now I know I cannot hang with Sarah who blazed the course in 24:27. Truly amazing!

Jill ran with us Tuesday, but the obnoxious guy with the camera did not find her. She was not so lucky Thursday though. She did ask for a re-do of her first pic, but I thought the 1st picture was better. Cool to have ya out, and I hope ya keep coming back.

Then we were off and running. Sandra sets a steady pace, and smiles for the camera before turning the corner.

Sonya begins her power walking at a 15 minute mile pace and will cover 6 miles in exactly 90 minutes. Not a second more, not a second less. You can set your watch by it. She already knows what her finishing time in the Route 66 marathon will be. Try walking her pace for a while and see if you can stay up.

Spilling onto the Riverside trails, the Bean Team dominates. The Beaners were out in full force tonight. Deon, Kim, and Jason lead the way.

Rounding out Team Bean are Erin and Lisa, with Runners World course designer demons Kathy and Dave lurking behind.

Best of luck too you all on Saturday. Run strong, run smart, and light your blogs up with tales of your adventures.


Bobby said...

Way to go everyone. Looking good.

Mike, you look a lot better in a RunnersWorld shirt that you did in that other stores shirt.

Susan Michaels said...

Good luck to everyone on Saturday. I will be cheering you on.
Hey Ken I feel left out. My Birthday is this Monday.

RunnersWorld-Tulsa said...

Well happy happy b'day to ya! I'll pay the dues to ya next week. You guys coming out to run Monday evening?

Susan Michaels said...

we are planning on running Monday night if Bobby can even run or walk after Saturdays 18 miler.

Bobby said...

Oh I won't miss Monday!

Susan, you going to do an all night run this weekend to celebrate your birthday?

Susan Michaels said...

sure why not. who's game?

Candice said...

I'm game! But only if I can walk instead of run - and if I can take naps when needed!

Sandra said...

I just want to thank everyone who made Thursday evening one of my best runs in a long long long long time....and i am "honored" to have made the blog...