Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cheated the rain

At 3:00 this afternoon, I doubted that anyone would even show up to run. I was doing a little pre-marking of the Turkey and Taturs Trail Race course, and it was pouring down rain. (Some great mud is being brewed for the weekend!) But at 5:30, RunnersWorld was PACKED with everyone who was anyone. A little rain dampening our spirits? NOT!! And in fact, it only barely sprinkled on us towards the end of the run.

After a week of hanging with the Bunny, it was time to pass him to another worthy runner. I gave them to Bobby....for a host of reasons. To my knowledge, Bobby has missed running on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday only maybe twice since I have known him, and that was because he was babysitting his granddaughter. (A pretty good excuse if you ask me!)He has steadily improved from day one and last year met his goal of a sub 2-hour in the Tulsa Run. The next April, he successfully tackled the OKC half marathon. Bobby and Susan are always ready and willing to help out wherever needed, including working aid stations in the Turkey and Taturs Trail Race this Sunday. Also, Bobby is pacing me in the Mother Road 100 this November, and then running his first marathon (Route 66) the next week. Way to go, Cool Bobby!

Also, we had a Shirt-Alert drawing. Larry's name was drawn. That $30 gift certificate is right under your nose!

But enough of that....Let's RUN!Way to lean into the turn!

Poor Boomer....had to drag Marvin 4 miles tonight.

Ed said his sister was running with us tonight. Her name is Lisa, as is half of the ladies in our group. Notice the uncanny family resemblance, especially how they point their fingers like they have six-shooters in their hands. Ed does that in almost every must be a genetic thing.

I went 6.5 miles tonight, and made it back a little late for the clinic that Lisa Butler was putting on. But I did get to get a shot of two hot RunnersWorld ladies!!


Bobby said...

Thanks for the bunny slipper Ken. I need to go back to RunnersWorld and pick it up. It got to spend the night there. I must be neglectful. I forgot to take it home. Must have had Saturdays upcoming 16 miler on my mind.

Ed, don't forget to set your alarm clock for Saturday morning.

Bobby said...

By the way. I think I have missed about 3 days of running since I started about 19 or 20 months ago.
Once because of a lightning storm,
once had a kidney stone and the other was babysitting the granddaughter. However, I ran the night before when I knew I was going to be babysitting. I remember one Saturday morning it was sleeting and very cold and windy nobody else showed up so I ran alone.

Susan Michaels said...
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Susan Michaels said...

ok Bobby you don't have to be so perfect LOL.
I now have a blog to all of those who requested it but hope you all have time to read it since I did ramble on a bit since this was my first post.