Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Congrats to all the T&T runners, Thanks to all the volunteers

A few words about the Turkey and Taturs Race last Sunday. Over 300 runners signed up for a run that looked to be the mother of all mud runs. But instead we were treated to the very best of early autumn weather and other than a few mucky clay trails, the trails were in pristine condition. (That is if you like rocks and roots!)

Ken and Kathy completed the 50K.

Glenn Kerr, Kathy Fleig, Charlie Willsey, Aaron Stacey, Bob Lovelace, Janeen Lovelace, Tammy wagoner, Gregory Ohs, Caroline Glenn, Dana Childress, and Roman Broyles completed the 25K.

Lisa Kedzuf (pictured at the right), Jason McGinnis, Jimma Crow, Jim Vandeventer, Sonja Embry, Julienne Lovelace completed the 10K.

Our group provided a host of volunteers. I am sure to miss someone, but thanks to Stefani, Cindy, Carmie, Teresa, Simone, Joye, Candice, Cassy, Lisa, Sandra, Stacy, Dustin, Brenda, Linda, Bobby, Susan, Kristin, Russell, and a big thank you to Darcy who did so much work behind the scenes. Please feel free to let me know who I forgot. I want them listed and pat them on the back for a job very well done.

And not to let up on the back patting, be sure to congratulate Glenn, who ran like a man processed, and took 2nd place in the 25K. I saw Glenn when he passed me at mile 2.46. I had a 30 minute head start which and he blew by me running in 5th place. In the next 13 miles, he reeled in 3 of the four who were ahead of him, and was not far behind the leader at all. Glenn, on the left, congratulates the winner in the race.

And pat Coach Kathy on the back too, as she finished 1st Geezer. :-Þ

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