Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's A New Year - GitARunOn2010

When: Saturday, January 02, 2010 7:45 AM-9:30 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Veteran's Park - 21st & Boulder

Greetings 'Noes and 'Nettes.
Welcome to the start of a new Decade! How's that global warming epidemic working out for you so far?

Seems like only a week ago that most of us got to sleep in and skip our scheduled 12 mile training run, with an excused absence. Of course we had a great reason (blizzard - and not the DQ kind, although skipping the exercise and calorie burn during holiday sweets grazing time likely had the same effect - I like to call it carb building - an essential part of a runners preparation). This week, however, it's back to basic training, where if it ain't lightning, we'll be running. If it is lightning, we'll be huddled under and holding onto a tall metal structure waiting for it to pass, all in the name of "Having a great time running to maintain/ regain our physical and mental health in horrible conditions while trying our best to stay medically alive, or at minimum, in a useful donor state".

We're "rewarded" this week with a shorter training run - only 8 miles - so to compensate the evil run routers have carved out a course with an assortment of ascending and descending quad building and heart enriching bumps (RW doesn't think it is healthy, motivating, or inspirational for us to use the word "hills", so we opt for less threatening, albeit somewhat masking, descriptors). We'll be running on the streets and sidewalks, mostly through neighborhoods, and it's quite probable that we will get to experience running, sliding, skating, and balancing on patchy snish (wet and dry pavement with intermittent snow + ice + slush). So, for everyone who's just itching at the foot to break out those new XMAS kicks, this might not be the best week to break them in. It may be better to wear the old flops, the ones you don't care if they get wet or muddy, or even stuck till spring in a snow drift.
We'll set a goal pace that is street condition and holiday weight appropriate - slow at the start, and slower when footing is snishy or bumps are a little too challenging.

Following recent pattern, we meet at 7:45 AM'ish at Veteran's Park.

Michelin Man cold weather attire recommended.

We're still welcoming new runners - any speed and distance - so put the word out that most of us don't bite, or when we do, rarely break skin.

Hope to see you there, and make sure you bring a smile.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow plows were in full force around Tulsa, s l o w l y cleaning the 3 inches of compressed sleet and 7 inches of fine powder/packed powder from the streets.

Simone and Sandra stay in the car until it's time to run. Only 23 degrees at the start, whereas the forecast was for 14.

Despite the UGHH-LEY street conditions, 22 RW runners got their Saturday run in, this cold post blizzard day.Take notice: one of the rare times you'll see Brian in pants!

Cassy is not even plugged in yet, but is already groovin with the tunes!

Jim questions the sanity of running today.

Today's route took us down Boston to 15th Street, and then east.
We cut back to 19th on Madison, and then east to run a loop around Swan Lake.Passed through some older neighborhoods.The deep snow made for a very Christmassy look, even without lights.

Joe and his Tredici group tread cautiously around the lake.Followed by Coach Kathy.

Bobby and Sandra consider going up the Midland Valley Trail. The trail had been scarcely traveled since the blizzard.

Some went 3 miles, some went 5. Others were going for 8, and even a couple needed 14 miles in today. Any mileage today was bonus miles in my books. Now, let's melt all this snow off!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

XMAS Stockings Need Shoes

When: Saturday, December 26, 2009 7:45 AM-10:00 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Veteran's Park

Greetings All –
I trust that all you fellow Dominoes and Dominettes are experiencing a happy and healthy first week of winter. Further, I can only assume that the gaggle of path beaters formally revered as the “Dom-N-8rz 9:51” are finding themselves a little on the antsy side, with pent up energy, undeservingly derived from two weeks of extended and mostly unexcused training run absences – playing hooky if you will. Trust me, there is a cure, and it’s getting back up there on the trail and pounding those balls (of the feet, of course), and rejoining the RW marathon training community.
Seems like something out of the ordinary is happening this week, but I can’t quite seem to recall what, and it’s giving me a case of the red coats. Although I’ve generally been a good little lad of late, there’s a jingling of bells in my mind that I just can’t shake, a frosty shimmy, and it’s like I’m in waiting for the emergence of a shining star, maybe a surprise or a present, and a seasonable yearning for a glass of milk and a plate of cookies laid out by the fire. And then suddenly jumping up like a jerk, an image appeared of eight tiny shart tracks, then up in the sinus there arose such a matter, with finger to nose there launched quite a rocket, and followed by a hearty shout of “Go – Go – Go!”. That’s right! How could I have forgotten? It’s time for another round of our infamous Saturday morning Runners World-sponsored Marathon Training Runs (deep and prolonged body chills for effect).
For those who have elected to stay on the sidelines the last couple of weeks due to fear of overheating, well…this weekend’s forecast should be just the ticket you’ve been waiting for. With early morning temps expected in the teens, we can only hope that with a dose of northerly winds we can give those overworked sweat glands a day off for good behavior. So, let’s call it a date for Saturday morning, 7:45 AM-ish, at Veteran’s Park (21st and Boulder). Remember, the earlier you get there, the lower the risk of staying inside and risking heat stroke and all its associated side effects. Also, as usual, it’s a BYOA (bring your own @#& body) event.

This just in via telegraph (gotta’ love that new technology – dot, dot, dash, dot, dash)
On the Day after Christmas, Coach Kathy ordered us…
Twelve miles of training,
Eleven PSO Plants a-powering,
Ten Dominoes a-leaping (have you seen the size and colors of their tights – oh my!)
Nine Dominettes a-dancing (or very anxious to arrive at the next bathroom),
Eights nips a-bleeding (a little dab‘ll do ya’),
Seven laps in Swan Lake swimming,
Six geezers delaying (whatcha’ waitin’ for, Brian – Spring?),
Five Zink Lake Rings (trips around Zink Lake),
Four falling on curbs,
Three French toasts for carbs,
Two flashes from T-Zomb (Paparazzi Alert!)…
And a Patriot carved in a Veteran’s Park Tree.

Christmas Cheers!

P.S. I drew the double blank Domino, so forewarned is forearmed.
P.S. Part Dom: Really mostly kidding about MIA Dominoes – just wait until after the Holidays – then we’ll be kicking some serious trail.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Midweek update

Last Saturday, our 2nd long run of the session, brought out over 200 runners for 4-9 miles. Cool, damp, and breezy conditions were a little uncomfortable while we stood around waiting to start. However, last Saturday will seem like a spring day compared to next Saturday, if the weathermen are correct.

David and Guy go over the route for the day.

North into an annoying wind, but once across the river with the wind at our backs, running was good. (Heck, it's ALWAYS good!)Terrie demonstrates proper technique for blowing snot rockets.

Not sure WHAT Brian is demonstrating???


Our weeknight runs are relaxed and all about running for the joy of running. We spend a few minutes introducing any newcomers, talking about upcoming races, Saturday's plans, and about the evening route.Brian, blessed with the gift of gab, rattles on for 5-10 minutes. When the natives get restless enough, the gates are opened and away we run!

Not new to running, and not brand new to our group, Jim listens attentively to the directions for the evening.

Jim is training for the half this April, with Team Happy Feet!

Write this down: Kirk will have that 13.1 sticker on his bumper by the end of April!

Running through the neighborhoods behind RunnersWorld northward towards Utica Square leads us by several nicely decorated houses during Christmas season. Despite using a cell phone camera, and despite it being dark and having no light settings on this phone/camera, this house was spectacular enough to make a halfway decent pic.Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, even Mike Stelly. :-)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Super Runner Girl's secret identities

Linda Jaramillo

My name is Linda Jaramillo, I’m partnering with Rachael Miller-Lansdown as your half marathon training group leaders. We are so excited that you all have decided to set this incredible goal for yourself. I know from experience that setting this personal goal for yourself can be fun, exciting and sometimes a little scary. Don't worry, I can say that I have felt all these feelings before! I remember almost two years ago when I first met Coach Kathy and the RunnersWorld group. She told me that I could run a half marathon if I trained with her group. I thought NO WAY, what is she thinking! At that time, my longest run was a 5K and I had very little running experience.

I had joined the RunnersWorld group to make new friends, get some exercise and to better my 5K time. I took Kathy's advice and started training with the RW group in January 2008. I have made great friends, had fun and achieved many goals I never thought I was able to accomplish. And that half marathon Kathy convinced me to train for at OKC in 2008... well, achieved that goal! That same year I continued to train with the RW group to run my first marathon at Tulsa's Route 66 in 2008.

Since then, I have conquered four half marathons, two full marathons, as well as many 5K races. There is something awesome that happens when you set a goal for yourself, work hard towards it, and accomplish that goal. I want to help pay it forward by sharing what I have learned along the way by training with Kathy and Brian at RunnersWorld with you so that you too can achieve your goals! In the midst of your training, have fun, enjoy the experience, meet new friends and most importantly, never give up!

I look forward to meeting everyone and watching each one of you cross that finish line! You can do it!

Rachael Lansdown

Born and raised in Southern California, I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma three years ago. Moving from the west coast to mid-west was quite the culture shock, to say the least. While in California most of my running experience was running on a treadmill about 30 minutes, four times a week. But here in Tulsa, I discovered that there were wonderful parks and trails that were readily accessible for running.
Basically, my running journey consisted of a few 5k’s and running along Riverside. Then I got this hair-brain idea, I decided to try to run the Route 66 quarter-marathon. When I finished that race, I suddenly had a great desire to run further distances, but really did not know how to properly train for such a feat.

I stumbled across Runner’s World. I noticed their sign one day and asked my friend to check them out. She had been training with another running store, to which I was not overly impressed with their program and was hoping that Runner’s World had a running program, which would help me accomplish running further distances.

We were in luck! Runner’s World had a program that was FREE, and Coach Kathy was so confident that I could reach my running goal. From that moment on, I decided to commit myself to the running program, my motto became, “Running My Race!”

Little did I know Runner’s World, would not only provide for me a great training program for running, but I met my “Super Runner Girl” friend Linda, with whom I am presently a team-lead for TEAM SRG. Linda and I have accomplished a few of our running milestones together, running our first half-marathon and full-marathon, along with several other races and miles of training runs.

Runner’s World is where I would also find another partner, my husband Allen. We met while training for the OKC half-marathon 3 years ago. He says, it was at this race, that he knew I was the “one.” This line still makes me laugh. Allen will also be returning to running this year, as a member of TEAM SRG, this comes after a year’s hiatus from running and his return from Afghanistan.

I am honored to have the opportunity to be a co-run leader with Linda. As we lead TEAM SRG, under the guidance of Kathy & Brian. I believe we are going to have an incredible and successful run season! And yes, Linda and I may have to break out the capes!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Three New Blogs!!

Announcing 3 new blogs to our fold of running teams.

Team Happy Pace is the half marathon group led by Ashley and Kelly.

Running Amuck is one of the beginners half marathon groups, led by Terrie.

Marathon Misfits is the intermediate marathon group led by Simone and Bronda.

(Like you didn't have enough to read already. I hardly have any time left to WORK!! :-)

The links for these groups are in the column to the left. Check out to see what your group is up to, or what THE OTHER GROUPS are up to!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The self proclaimed dirt on Larry

Greetings All! Welcome to a glimpse of my world, if you dare…

On the planet Earth, my English surname is Davied, with Larry as my first. From where I hail, I’m at least 29 years old (things turn a lot slower out there around my home star).

Where to start … Well, first, I’m a self nominated appointee to a super top secret government witness protection program; in fact it’s so secret that no other Earth planetoid is aware that it even exists. I trust that you will keep this information on the “down low”, on a need-to-know basis only.

On a personal level, I was a semi-successful hieroglyphic calligrapher in a former life. Things were ginning along just dandy until the technology boom that brought about the development of the alphabet. Suddenly, the developed skills of articulating a story every decade or so was destined for ruins. Also, in a future life, I will be a struggling rodeo clown, traveling the circuit, attracted to the profession by the smart attire that they get to wear. Bringing it down to current tense, I was briefly employed as a budding rabbit wrangler, but was forced into early retirement due to a messy and very public incident involving an unsanctioned pursuit of a Guinness Book world record and a giant pot of “lucky leg” stew. I’ve also recently been exposed to the sordid yet thrilling world of cross dressing, but I think this is mostly an art of self expression that should be reserved for special occasions.

Since we’ve recently gotten so chummy, I feel comfortable sharing with you one of my hidden talents. In the category of don’t try this alone, and after years of practice, I’ve honed the ability to hold my breath under water, albeit for very short durations. The secret, if anyone desires and dares to mimic this talent is to stay focused on the critical sequence of inhale, immerse, exhale, bring head quickly above water line, and repeat for crowd delight. Although exhaling either below or above the water line can be varied for effect, the other steps pretty much need to be followed in order.

I also am very prideful of the multiple accomplishments that I have not achieved – in many cases representing talents that I don’t choose to possess, such as playing competitive ice hockey, sky diving from a tornado launched barn, and blindfolded wrestling with crocodiles.

Things get a little more interesting closer to home, where my darling wife of 27 years and two adoring daughters routinely refer to me as “the yard man”. When their friends come around, they claim that I’m adopted. They’re so cute and funny – Oh how we laugh – after the chores are done of course. Truthfully, I think they keep me around for the sake of amusement when they witness another one of my painful “ouchies” associated with falling from trees, hurting myself, or committing some other act of embarrassment – kind of the way that people are drawn to watch a train wreck, moths to a flame, or America’s Funniest Home Video.

When it comes to running, I couldn’t be more honored than to be one of the RW Run Leaders. The moral to the story is that it doesn’t always pay to move to the shorter line. Regardless, I’m here now, and you’re kind of stuck unless you can somehow finagle a “transfer” that requires 6 forms of identification and a deceased next of kin’s court sanctioned testament of authenticity. So, rather than dwell on the negative, let’s collectively agree to not focus on what could have been. I assuredly promise to the entire DOM-N-8RZ – 9:51 flock that I will spray nothing but the truth, as I choose to remember the facts, in my various attempts of instruction, not so subtle jabs, and self ridicule. Teaching each other the finer aspects of rapidly transferring jiggling masses of glistening and appropriately tailored flesh, with all the fixings, from a trailing to a leading sneaker bottomed limb in rapid and continuously repeating “left – right – left – right” patterns, while resisting the guttural urges of striking blows and inflicting pain upon run leaders will truly be a test of survival instincts. Just remember that a group that willingly runs together, shares in its pains and gains, and slowly gets to know one another on a week by week basis, really has a pretty pathetic excuse for a life. That may have come out a little harsh, so feel free to change it into something that is not nearly as offensive if you like.

We all know folks who irritatingly expose that they know everything about everything, and are driven by the insatiable desire to force their will and seemingly knowledge edge of superiority on everyone in their path. I, on the other hand, have grown quite comfortable with the time proven truth that I know next to nothing about nearly every topic. I’m not trying to come off as conceited, but it is a self actualized fact that I don’t have many peers when it comes to my cellar of wisdom. Further, as you will certainly come to appreciate (appreciate may be a slight overstatement – loathe might possibly be the next closest descriptor) over time, I strive to never allow the old KV (knowledge vacuum) get in the way of dispensing opinions and garnishing advice to the unsuspecting.

So, now that you’ve had a glimpse of things to be, I suggest that we bite that lower lip just a little harder, push in those ear buds a little tighter while cranking up the volume, and let’s get down to the business of bustin’ a runnin’ move (plus, enrollment for that little running store on South Yale is closed, and this is all you’ve got).

As they say in the majors: “We Dom’d It!”


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everything you wanted to know about Deborah Gulley :-)

A Little About Me

I have been very blessed to have been married to the love of my life for 18 years and counting. We chose homeschooling for our 2 girls, Jessica-age 13, and Amanda-age 11. Other family members include Elly, an unsociable 9 year old Chihuahua, and Mia, a 1 year old lovable Chihuahua who loves to run with us. I was born and raised in Kansas, living most of my life in the Kansas City area. We moved to Tulsa in March of 2009, which is where my running story begins.
In spite of years of bike riding and later walking, I fought a losing battle with my weight for many years. In September 2008, I decided enough was enough. We were in a small town in Kansas at the time that has a wonderful gym there. I got into a regular weight workout routine and also walked on the treadmill. The weight slowly started coming off and I began to feel so much better being so active. I went from the treadmill to the elliptical machine in an effort to step it up a little, and it worked. Finally in February of 2009, I had been seeing contestants on the Biggest Loser who had so much more weight to lose than me, running in a half marathon. They later went on to run a full marathon. I was in tears watching them! I thought to myself that I really had no excuses not to run.
Let me back up little bit. While in grade school, our gym class had some kind of standards we were supposed to meet. We were supposed to be able to do a certain number of sit ups per minute, pull ups, push ups and several other things. We were also supposed to be able to run a mile in 9 minutes or less. I couldn't do it. I absolutely hated running because not only was it hard for me it was embarrassing because I was running a 10 minute mile while everyone else was already finished. Same story repeats in junior high. So ever since then, I have always said "I hate running."
Fast forward back to March of 2009..I decided to tackle running on the treadmill at that gym in Kansas. I was self conscious, nervous and really didn't know the best way to go about things. I just started seeing how long I could go and how fast I could go. If I went faster those little lights went around the track faster and I could take a walking break. It wasn't real easy, in fact it was hard, but I found it in me to keep pushing. As soon as we knew we were coming to Tulsa, I got online and stumbled across the Runners World Tulsa website. I saw that they offered free training and were about to start a Couch to 5K program and a Big Loser contest. I signed up for their newsletter right away. At the first training run that I came to, it was raining and lightning and there were hordes of people there in the dark on a corner downtown that I didn't know. This little lady with a big coat on jumps up in the bed of a pickup and starts yelling about how crazy everyone is for being there in this weather and about all these 5 mile loops. My girls and I just waited til everyone took off and then we approached her and she said "Are you newbies?" I'd say!! I think there were 3 other newbies there that day too and we all took off and walked about 30 minutes or so in the rain. On that day, I was thinking about how I would never have been out there if it weren't for this group thing. On my own, I would have said "it's raining" and stayed in bed where it was warm. The couch to 5K training was just right for me. It brought me along slowly until I could actually run 3 miles. We were scheduled to run that 5K the end of June, but meanwhile in May I had started hearing about training for half and full marathons and as I looked over their training schedule I was very intimidated. I really wanted to move forward with training after that 5K, but a half seemed like too much to tackle right away. I asked Coach Kathy what her advice was and found myself signed up for the Tulsa Run 15K training. Somewhere along the way, I found that I no longer hated running. I also realized that I didn't have to run a 9 minute mile to be a runner. Over the summer as I trained for the Tulsa Run, I grew to really love running. I love the new friends I have made and I love that non running people think I'm nuts. In September I ran the Turkey and Taturs 10K trail run. It was somewhere around this time that I was thinking I should really just go ahead and run the half marathon in November. I really wanted that medal. See I don't run fast enough to earn any medals in a shorter race, but everyone who finishes gets a medal in the half. In October, the Tulsa Run was held on a beautiful day. My goal was to finish under 2 hours, which I did. I quickly began to focus on that upcoming half, which made me very nervous. On race day, I was excited and ready to go. I had a goal of finished under 3 hours. I knew I would have to walk quite often, and I did, starting around mile 7. I did make it in under 3 hours, so once again I was thrilled to have accomplished my goal.
I decided to sign up for the half marathon training for OKC, because I hadn't really trained for the Route 66 half, and I wanted to get comfortable with that 13.1 distance. By this point, I have come to absolutely love running with my friends. It really irks me to miss a group run. I toyed with the idea of being a run leader, but I lack confidence in my leadership skills so it took some not so subtle nudging from friends to get me to agree. I am happy about the chance to give back, and thrilled with my group. My desire is to see each of them inspired, challenged and encouraged to reach their goals just the way I have been. I feel like we are all so blessed to have this opportunity for free training and organized group runs. I want my group to fall in love with running and find new friends just the way I have. I want them to realize that they don't have to run fast to be a runner, and that they CAN do it.
By the way, that weight loss I have been working on? I am now halfway to my goal weight! As for my next running goal ( after the OKC half ), Coach Kathy told us way back in the Couch to 5K training that one day we would come to her and say " I want to run a marathon." Every one of us laughed and thought "no way". Well Coach , if you're reading this, I want to run the full Route 66 marathon 2010.

brisk run on a cool day

It was kickoff day, and 300 runners piled into Veterans park for the first long run of the spring marathon/ half marathon session. Everyone got to meet their team leaders, and all had signs with various team names. Tredici .... hmmm, does than mean 13?

Here's a question: Oprah ran a 4:29. Can these guys do that? Wouldn't bet against it!

Some things never change. Mike keeps wearing those pants, and they keep getting posted on the internet!

The fastest group, and fast girls. And, by their name, they just get faster as the run wears on.

Very likely one of the fastest marathon groups, led by guest writer Larry Davied. At first reading, I thought it said "dominatrix"!!

TATUR Dave's group (not pictured) might be the fastest bunch around, although Faster than Oprah might give them a run for their money.

Another quick paced group. 9-10 minute miles for the LSD runs would lend itself to a 4 hour marathon I think.

Ashley is back leading a team again this session. Happy Feet has evolved into Happy Pace. Gotta ask: who is the guy with the LONG NOSE supposed to be???

Deborah is getting her feet wet leading a group. I think she'll do great. Love the sign!

We gave Susan permission to use "half" Nutz but only because she is leading a "half" marathon group. We actually think she is closer to "full" nutz. (J/K!) Susan is leading the group using the run-a-minute, walk-a-minute technique. This is a great way for beginning runners to get right into a training program without the risk of injury. This will be a popular group.

Terrie does a great impersonation of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. She also leads one of the other beginning half marathon groups. Is in the running for best sign also.

Jason leading a half group? Should be no problem for him, after acing his debut 100 miler this past fall. And hey....this sign is just creepy! Where did you get that hair???

Lucky? Maybe. Just stay with Anna and you'll nail your half, lucky or not.

pssst!!!! Simone....wake up!!! it's time to run!!!!

Wilma represents the return of the Groove Pilots, one of the more steady half groups from last session.

I had missed one sign, the group "Check your 6". I distinctly remembered this sign because it was on a 10 foot tall stick, although it would not all fit in the frame! Guy and Jerry are the co-leaders. You can see their sign near the middle of the group picture.Around 7:10 we headed on out for 3-9 miles, down Riverside, through the Brookside neighborhoods, and to RunnersWorld. From there, the 9 milers went further south before turning around.
Let's order in some warmer weather for next weekend though!! See you Tuesday at 5:30.