Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Midweek update

Last Saturday, our 2nd long run of the session, brought out over 200 runners for 4-9 miles. Cool, damp, and breezy conditions were a little uncomfortable while we stood around waiting to start. However, last Saturday will seem like a spring day compared to next Saturday, if the weathermen are correct.

David and Guy go over the route for the day.

North into an annoying wind, but once across the river with the wind at our backs, running was good. (Heck, it's ALWAYS good!)Terrie demonstrates proper technique for blowing snot rockets.

Not sure WHAT Brian is demonstrating???


Our weeknight runs are relaxed and all about running for the joy of running. We spend a few minutes introducing any newcomers, talking about upcoming races, Saturday's plans, and about the evening route.Brian, blessed with the gift of gab, rattles on for 5-10 minutes. When the natives get restless enough, the gates are opened and away we run!

Not new to running, and not brand new to our group, Jim listens attentively to the directions for the evening.

Jim is training for the half this April, with Team Happy Feet!

Write this down: Kirk will have that 13.1 sticker on his bumper by the end of April!

Running through the neighborhoods behind RunnersWorld northward towards Utica Square leads us by several nicely decorated houses during Christmas season. Despite using a cell phone camera, and despite it being dark and having no light settings on this phone/camera, this house was spectacular enough to make a halfway decent pic.Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, even Mike Stelly. :-)

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