Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Things are just getting bigger and better all the time. This new training session: "Run for the 168" is gonna be the best ever. We are stoked for it to get going. What is new for this time around? Well, a lot. 1st off, we'll have our groups sorted out a little better so peeps will be running with others who have a similar pace. Hopefully, everyone will make their new best friends, and fewer of our army will disappear.

Some of the new groups are starting their own blogs, which will also be linked to this blog. This should get more stories and faces published, and we can all get to know each other better. Bobby and Sandra are teaming up again, and their new group name: Sole Train.

Susan is heading up the beginning half group. Susan will employ the run-a-minute, walk-a-minute routine. It's a great was for beginners to get right into a half-training program without overdoing it. Susan calls her group: HALF NUTZ

TZ and Lisa are heading up the 12-13 m/m group. They promise to have the most fun and eat healthy after every Saturday run. (yeah, RIGHT!) Check out their group's activity on their blog: Faster than Oprah.

Let us know if there are any other group blogs or individual blogs out there and we'll link them to this one. :-)

Additionally, we are open to guest writers and and publishing race reports. Have a great race or a breakthrough in your training? Write a paragraph or two and email it to us along with pix if you wish and we'll publish it here.

If we're lucky enough (luck may be a strong word), we'll have Larry Davied's weekly wisdom gracing this blog. Scary thought, huh?

Check back often, as I am sure this post will be added to in the next couple of days.


Joshua, Courtney, and Kennedy Seabolt said...

Hey Guys is it too late to join one of the training groups? Thanks!

Joshua Seabolt

Anonymous said...
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T Z said...

Josh. It is not too late at all. Drop by the store and fill out a short form which asks a little about your running history, goals, and your approximate comfortable long-run pace.

However, in your case, it might cost you some bar-b-que!


Joshua Seabolt said...

HAHA, I think we can work something out! I'll drop by this week while over that way.