Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's A New Year - GitARunOn2010

When: Saturday, January 02, 2010 7:45 AM-9:30 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Veteran's Park - 21st & Boulder

Greetings 'Noes and 'Nettes.
Welcome to the start of a new Decade! How's that global warming epidemic working out for you so far?

Seems like only a week ago that most of us got to sleep in and skip our scheduled 12 mile training run, with an excused absence. Of course we had a great reason (blizzard - and not the DQ kind, although skipping the exercise and calorie burn during holiday sweets grazing time likely had the same effect - I like to call it carb building - an essential part of a runners preparation). This week, however, it's back to basic training, where if it ain't lightning, we'll be running. If it is lightning, we'll be huddled under and holding onto a tall metal structure waiting for it to pass, all in the name of "Having a great time running to maintain/ regain our physical and mental health in horrible conditions while trying our best to stay medically alive, or at minimum, in a useful donor state".

We're "rewarded" this week with a shorter training run - only 8 miles - so to compensate the evil run routers have carved out a course with an assortment of ascending and descending quad building and heart enriching bumps (RW doesn't think it is healthy, motivating, or inspirational for us to use the word "hills", so we opt for less threatening, albeit somewhat masking, descriptors). We'll be running on the streets and sidewalks, mostly through neighborhoods, and it's quite probable that we will get to experience running, sliding, skating, and balancing on patchy snish (wet and dry pavement with intermittent snow + ice + slush). So, for everyone who's just itching at the foot to break out those new XMAS kicks, this might not be the best week to break them in. It may be better to wear the old flops, the ones you don't care if they get wet or muddy, or even stuck till spring in a snow drift.
We'll set a goal pace that is street condition and holiday weight appropriate - slow at the start, and slower when footing is snishy or bumps are a little too challenging.

Following recent pattern, we meet at 7:45 AM'ish at Veteran's Park.

Michelin Man cold weather attire recommended.

We're still welcoming new runners - any speed and distance - so put the word out that most of us don't bite, or when we do, rarely break skin.

Hope to see you there, and make sure you bring a smile.

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