Monday, December 21, 2009

Super Runner Girl's secret identities

Linda Jaramillo

My name is Linda Jaramillo, I’m partnering with Rachael Miller-Lansdown as your half marathon training group leaders. We are so excited that you all have decided to set this incredible goal for yourself. I know from experience that setting this personal goal for yourself can be fun, exciting and sometimes a little scary. Don't worry, I can say that I have felt all these feelings before! I remember almost two years ago when I first met Coach Kathy and the RunnersWorld group. She told me that I could run a half marathon if I trained with her group. I thought NO WAY, what is she thinking! At that time, my longest run was a 5K and I had very little running experience.

I had joined the RunnersWorld group to make new friends, get some exercise and to better my 5K time. I took Kathy's advice and started training with the RW group in January 2008. I have made great friends, had fun and achieved many goals I never thought I was able to accomplish. And that half marathon Kathy convinced me to train for at OKC in 2008... well, achieved that goal! That same year I continued to train with the RW group to run my first marathon at Tulsa's Route 66 in 2008.

Since then, I have conquered four half marathons, two full marathons, as well as many 5K races. There is something awesome that happens when you set a goal for yourself, work hard towards it, and accomplish that goal. I want to help pay it forward by sharing what I have learned along the way by training with Kathy and Brian at RunnersWorld with you so that you too can achieve your goals! In the midst of your training, have fun, enjoy the experience, meet new friends and most importantly, never give up!

I look forward to meeting everyone and watching each one of you cross that finish line! You can do it!

Rachael Lansdown

Born and raised in Southern California, I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma three years ago. Moving from the west coast to mid-west was quite the culture shock, to say the least. While in California most of my running experience was running on a treadmill about 30 minutes, four times a week. But here in Tulsa, I discovered that there were wonderful parks and trails that were readily accessible for running.
Basically, my running journey consisted of a few 5k’s and running along Riverside. Then I got this hair-brain idea, I decided to try to run the Route 66 quarter-marathon. When I finished that race, I suddenly had a great desire to run further distances, but really did not know how to properly train for such a feat.

I stumbled across Runner’s World. I noticed their sign one day and asked my friend to check them out. She had been training with another running store, to which I was not overly impressed with their program and was hoping that Runner’s World had a running program, which would help me accomplish running further distances.

We were in luck! Runner’s World had a program that was FREE, and Coach Kathy was so confident that I could reach my running goal. From that moment on, I decided to commit myself to the running program, my motto became, “Running My Race!”

Little did I know Runner’s World, would not only provide for me a great training program for running, but I met my “Super Runner Girl” friend Linda, with whom I am presently a team-lead for TEAM SRG. Linda and I have accomplished a few of our running milestones together, running our first half-marathon and full-marathon, along with several other races and miles of training runs.

Runner’s World is where I would also find another partner, my husband Allen. We met while training for the OKC half-marathon 3 years ago. He says, it was at this race, that he knew I was the “one.” This line still makes me laugh. Allen will also be returning to running this year, as a member of TEAM SRG, this comes after a year’s hiatus from running and his return from Afghanistan.

I am honored to have the opportunity to be a co-run leader with Linda. As we lead TEAM SRG, under the guidance of Kathy & Brian. I believe we are going to have an incredible and successful run season! And yes, Linda and I may have to break out the capes!!

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These are some great "Super Runner Girls". I encourage everyone to get to know them.