Sunday, December 13, 2009

brisk run on a cool day

It was kickoff day, and 300 runners piled into Veterans park for the first long run of the spring marathon/ half marathon session. Everyone got to meet their team leaders, and all had signs with various team names. Tredici .... hmmm, does than mean 13?

Here's a question: Oprah ran a 4:29. Can these guys do that? Wouldn't bet against it!

Some things never change. Mike keeps wearing those pants, and they keep getting posted on the internet!

The fastest group, and fast girls. And, by their name, they just get faster as the run wears on.

Very likely one of the fastest marathon groups, led by guest writer Larry Davied. At first reading, I thought it said "dominatrix"!!

TATUR Dave's group (not pictured) might be the fastest bunch around, although Faster than Oprah might give them a run for their money.

Another quick paced group. 9-10 minute miles for the LSD runs would lend itself to a 4 hour marathon I think.

Ashley is back leading a team again this session. Happy Feet has evolved into Happy Pace. Gotta ask: who is the guy with the LONG NOSE supposed to be???

Deborah is getting her feet wet leading a group. I think she'll do great. Love the sign!

We gave Susan permission to use "half" Nutz but only because she is leading a "half" marathon group. We actually think she is closer to "full" nutz. (J/K!) Susan is leading the group using the run-a-minute, walk-a-minute technique. This is a great way for beginning runners to get right into a training program without the risk of injury. This will be a popular group.

Terrie does a great impersonation of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. She also leads one of the other beginning half marathon groups. Is in the running for best sign also.

Jason leading a half group? Should be no problem for him, after acing his debut 100 miler this past fall. And hey....this sign is just creepy! Where did you get that hair???

Lucky? Maybe. Just stay with Anna and you'll nail your half, lucky or not.

pssst!!!! Simone....wake up!!! it's time to run!!!!

Wilma represents the return of the Groove Pilots, one of the more steady half groups from last session.

I had missed one sign, the group "Check your 6". I distinctly remembered this sign because it was on a 10 foot tall stick, although it would not all fit in the frame! Guy and Jerry are the co-leaders. You can see their sign near the middle of the group picture.Around 7:10 we headed on out for 3-9 miles, down Riverside, through the Brookside neighborhoods, and to RunnersWorld. From there, the 9 milers went further south before turning around.
Let's order in some warmer weather for next weekend though!! See you Tuesday at 5:30.

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