Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow plows were in full force around Tulsa, s l o w l y cleaning the 3 inches of compressed sleet and 7 inches of fine powder/packed powder from the streets.

Simone and Sandra stay in the car until it's time to run. Only 23 degrees at the start, whereas the forecast was for 14.

Despite the UGHH-LEY street conditions, 22 RW runners got their Saturday run in, this cold post blizzard day.Take notice: one of the rare times you'll see Brian in pants!

Cassy is not even plugged in yet, but is already groovin with the tunes!

Jim questions the sanity of running today.

Today's route took us down Boston to 15th Street, and then east.
We cut back to 19th on Madison, and then east to run a loop around Swan Lake.Passed through some older neighborhoods.The deep snow made for a very Christmassy look, even without lights.

Joe and his Tredici group tread cautiously around the lake.Followed by Coach Kathy.

Bobby and Sandra consider going up the Midland Valley Trail. The trail had been scarcely traveled since the blizzard.

Some went 3 miles, some went 5. Others were going for 8, and even a couple needed 14 miles in today. Any mileage today was bonus miles in my books. Now, let's melt all this snow off!!


Bobby said...

The temperature was actually not that bad if you layered correctly. Very nice without the wind blowing.

TATUR Dave said...

I think that's the first time that I have seen Brian in running pants that were not on backwards.