Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meet Amanda and Edward

Monday and Thursday evening runs have been superbulous lately, with unseasonably warm temps making for pristine running conditions. Good crowds have been logging their miles, running 3-6 miles (or more) from the store and back. One of our new runners, Amanda, is putting in the training for her 1st marathon. Amanda ran the half at Rt 66 last month, and has drank the koolaid. Her half finish was a trying one, and she vows to have an easier time in OKC. Running a 10-11 pace, she easily covered 6 miles Thursday evening. She always has a smile on her face, and has the attitude to excel in her training.

Another colorful character is Edward Snow. Edward got to RW early Thursday to shop for an outfit to wear to Race Into the New Year. He tried on several different outfits, and finally decided on this green cotton tee. Edward is one of our group leaders, and is a real encourager, often coming out early Saturday and running a few extra miles with someone needing company, and then going extra miles later to accommodate another group members schedule. What a guy.

See you all Saturday at midnight!!!
For those of you reading this and if you are still on the fence about participating in the Polar Bear Plunge--JUST GO FOR IT!! This year is is gonna be 20° warmer than last year, and the finishers medal is large enough to serve nachos on. Besides, diving into three swimming pools on Jan 1st gives you bragging rights at the office. They already think you're crazy for running, so why not add to your case? But don't delay--there are currently only 75 medals left, and while more people will be admitted, not all who tary will get medals. This is the 6th year for this fun event. PGP has grown every year, and we'll be knocking on the door of a thousand dunkers next year.

In our first three years, our submersion was in the Arkansas River. Year one, the water was so shallow, we had to lay down out in the river and roll around to get wet. Nasty. The first year, we had a real polar bear swimming in the far right side of the pic. No fake polar bear suit here.

Last year, we jumped in three swimming pools, as we will this year. No nasty river water to wring out of your ears. Costumes were the norm, with more guys wearing bikinis than women. Last year, we had a blues brother, ugly Hooters chicks, vikings, where's Waldos, and Dr Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Who will have the most outrageous costume this year?? Join us and see for yourself--it might be YOU. Or, if you just can't muster the courage to endure the shocking surge of frigid water enveloping your body, come out and watch. It's the most fun you'll have on New Years Day.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Have you been thinking about your New Year's Resolutions? Why not kick off the 2012 season by running into the New Year with RunnersWorld Tulsa? This is a healthy, fun, safe, and family oriented way to ring in the New Year. Going into it's seventh year, we anticipate an even bigger crowd to come and enjoy this festive holiday celebration. There will be party hats and noisemakers given out at the event to help ring in the New Year. Enjoy music and laser light show provided by A-1 Entertainment, champagne on the course, and a Grand Finale of fireworks at the stroke of midnight!

Runners will not go home hungry as there will be a plenteous supply of food and drink after the "Race" to include black-eyed peas, cornbread, cookies and other delectable treats.

Stick around after the race for fabulous door prizes along with gift certificates to local shops and restaurants...

Be sure to don your crazy party attire and join 1000's of other runners to participate in one of Tulsa's funnest 5k's...Race Into the New Year.

This year features a NEW COURSE!! The 5K course starts on the RiverParks west trail near the amphitheater. Runners will do an out and back before they run a loop around Zink Lake, finishing back at RiverPark West Amphitheater. Music will be provided on the course this year, along with TWO champagne and sparkling cider stops. "This race just gets better every year."--TZ

One Mile Fun Run & Dog Jog--Starting at RiverPark West Amphitheater, going south out and back.
Bring your furry friends - dogs can run free in the One Mile Fun Run with a registered runner. Doggie's Costume contest! Dress 'em up or Dress 'em Down.... At 10:30 PM we will have the dogs costume contest and the opportunity to win some Fabulous Prizes.

This year's event will benefit the Tulsa SPCA and the Tulsa Police Officers' Memorial!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Marvellite Run

A threat of rain did, no doubt, keep a few runners indoors Monday night--home in the warmth of their living rooms, but all the fun Monday night was had in the Mapleridge neighborhood as a few hundred runners rambled up one street and down another admiring Christmas lights and holiday displays at the Marvellite Run.

This annual event has gone on since the 80s, and is named after one of our own--Mr. Marvin Winters, who was an original Marvellite runner, back when Christmas lights were a new concept. Three groups left out from our meeting place at All Souls Church. There was a 5 mile group comprised of mostly speedy runners, a 3 mile group, filled with mere mortal men and women of average pace, and a one mile group, made up of walkers, people who were nervous about impending rain, and folks who wanted to be first in line for pizza and desserts.

Runners started filing in around 5:30, although the official time was 6:00 PM.
Coach Kathy granted an interview to Fox 23. We runners--yeah, we're rock stars!!
Christmas fashions were on display. Festive hats, socks, and sweaters were worn by most.
Matt complimented his Santa Hat with a nice string of lights draped around his torso.
Laura's hat wiggled back and forth--and looked to be swiped from the set of a Dr. Seuss film production.
Darcy was styling, with Christmas PJ bottoms and socks.
A back view of Larry's hat, with poor Santa snugly lodged in the chimney. Nice.
These hairy legs and socks belong to Tom Robinson--but wait until you see his Christmas sweater!
Stormy, with his Dick Tracy hat, looks over Charlotte's shoulder while she tries to duck out of the frame.
Patty dons a Rudolph nose--very cutely, I might add.
Pat's hat also flipped back and forth. Would have looked better in a video.
(Can you tell I LIKE this hat???)

And now, the sweaters.
There were a lot of new faces, and I don't have names to everyone who wore festive sweaters. Most of the above competed in the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest.

But first, we got to RUN!!

After we all trickled back in, munched on pizza, candies, cookies, cakes, and pies, we rounded up a fine crop of contestants for the Christmas Sweater Contest. Watch the video below for a fine fashion show.

After a brief deliberation from a panel of impartial judges, awards were given. Each winner received gift certificates to RunnersWorld.Ameila nabbed the award for Prettiest Christmas Sweater. This should be no surprise, as she is a seamstress extraordinaire, known for blinging up race t-shirts as well as knitting hats, scarfs, and mittens, and very fashionable outfits for competitive equestrian riders. And yes, her sweater was very pretty. Unlike the one below.
Tom Robinson was very justly awarded the prize for Ugliest Christmas Sweater. Tom's sweater had glitter, sequins, and a degree of tackiness beyond People of WalMart. His ensemble was complimented with the essence of old lady perfume. His brother Vinny told Tom there was a Christmas song that was appropriate for his choice of garments: Deck the Halls--particularly that line that goes--"Don we now our gay apparel, Fa la la, la la la, la la la. "
And finally, Susan won the prize for Best Christmas Sweater. Hers was one that even this writer/photographer (and I'm a guy) would wear.

It was a fun evening, and hats and gloves were collected and will be donated to children at the Eugene Field Elementary School or Family and Children Services. Thank you to all who donated and all who came and ran with us.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

8:00 AM Kick-off

28°, bluing skies, and no wind--a perfect forecast for a nice Saturday morning run. That would seem unbelievable while laying in bed at 7:00 am snuggled under the covers, but once the announcements were made and the running commenced, it was indeed perfect. It was a hectic morning, with runners meeting their new groups, group leaders meeting their new runners, and old friends catching up.

But things went fairly smooth as 300+ runners filed into Veteran's Park.

I always like to get all the new group signs pictured for a matter of record, and hey, some are funny. This session, there were definite categories. We had animals: The ever-present Blazing Turtles,

their distant cousins, the Turtle Trotters,

the Dusty Ducks (I'm wondering is there is an interesting story behind this name),

and the Honey Badgers. (I KNOW the interesting story behind this name.)

We had the Hard Core Halfers,

and the Half Fast Halfers.

A couple of group names sounded like motorcycle gangs:


and the DOM-N-8RZ. Both these groups are full marathon 9-10 minute pace. Look for a rumble on the trails.

Then this group, a laid back almost hippie type group, RUNNING FREE. I suppose there could be another meaning to this name--not sure.

Then a band of pirates is training with us, vowing to plunder all the booty that goes along with finishing races.

And finally, a disturbing group, a group whose title implies that they "kick Kenyans"??? Well, they better be fast cuz they'll have to catch them first.

The usual group pic was taken into the sun, so good luck finding yourself here. But hey, can you find the kitten in this picture?

We took off in waves. Those Kenyon Kicking runners took off first, and the other groups took off in order of their intended paces.

Coach Kathy gave the GO to the groups about every 30 seconds, in order to keep us from not getting too bunched up on the trails.

A jaunt around Zink Lake, and a spur down the Midland Valley trail (for some), and our first Saturday long run was in the books.

And the best thing about early Saturday morning breakfast with friends after the run. Gimme me my bacon, pancakes, and coffee!!!