Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fun is on the way

December 4th--a cold Sunday afternoon. 60% of Tulsa is still celebrating the slaughter of the Sooners last night, while the other 40% are saying "Oh yeah?? Well wait til next year."

As runners in Tulsa, it's sort of our "off season". But not for long!!!! In just a FEW DAYS, the next training session will kick off. New friends will mingle among us, contemplating life-changing plans to start running, to run a first half marathon, or full 26.2, or even beyond. Those thoroughly infected with the "running virus" will be committing to another goal race, and even helping spread the koolaid to newbies. On our kick-off day, an upcoming Saturday TBA, just look at the glazed yet joyous grins on the faces of the hundreds of runners beginning yet another journey. It is magical to see.

Our orientation meetings are: Thursday December 8th @ 7:00 pm, and Monday December 12th @ 6:00 pm--both @ RunnersWorld Tulsa 43rd and Peoria.

A repeated reminder--don't miss the Race Into the New Year, cleverly scheduled at 11:45 New Years Eve. End your year on a running note, and begin 2012 on the run. Enjoy some bubbly, good eats, and an awesome fireworks display at the stroke of 12:00. Click on the RINY icon to the right for details.

New Years day--sleep in. Have a late breakfast, and then come get crazy with hundreds of other insane people who will be doing the Polar Bear Plunge. Dive into not one, not two, but THREE swimming pools during a spirited 2-mile run. The medal for this is ginormous, and will be at the bottom of the third pool. For more details, and pics from last years event, click on the PBP icon to the right.

Finally, this revised web page will serve to document the training runs, races, and fun we have for this next session. You'll see a few peeps snapping pictures here and there. Indulge them, if you will. We are also looking for contributors who would like to share pictures, videos, interesting running-related links, progress and milestone reports, and write-ups of your races. Also, if anyone is keeping a blog at least partially related to running and you'd like us to link it to our page, we'd just love that. You can submit your stories, pics, and such to Ken ( and he'll be glad to have your input.

Happy running!!!

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