Sunday, December 18, 2011

8:00 AM Kick-off

28°, bluing skies, and no wind--a perfect forecast for a nice Saturday morning run. That would seem unbelievable while laying in bed at 7:00 am snuggled under the covers, but once the announcements were made and the running commenced, it was indeed perfect. It was a hectic morning, with runners meeting their new groups, group leaders meeting their new runners, and old friends catching up.

But things went fairly smooth as 300+ runners filed into Veteran's Park.

I always like to get all the new group signs pictured for a matter of record, and hey, some are funny. This session, there were definite categories. We had animals: The ever-present Blazing Turtles,

their distant cousins, the Turtle Trotters,

the Dusty Ducks (I'm wondering is there is an interesting story behind this name),

and the Honey Badgers. (I KNOW the interesting story behind this name.)

We had the Hard Core Halfers,

and the Half Fast Halfers.

A couple of group names sounded like motorcycle gangs:


and the DOM-N-8RZ. Both these groups are full marathon 9-10 minute pace. Look for a rumble on the trails.

Then this group, a laid back almost hippie type group, RUNNING FREE. I suppose there could be another meaning to this name--not sure.

Then a band of pirates is training with us, vowing to plunder all the booty that goes along with finishing races.

And finally, a disturbing group, a group whose title implies that they "kick Kenyans"??? Well, they better be fast cuz they'll have to catch them first.

The usual group pic was taken into the sun, so good luck finding yourself here. But hey, can you find the kitten in this picture?

We took off in waves. Those Kenyon Kicking runners took off first, and the other groups took off in order of their intended paces.

Coach Kathy gave the GO to the groups about every 30 seconds, in order to keep us from not getting too bunched up on the trails.

A jaunt around Zink Lake, and a spur down the Midland Valley trail (for some), and our first Saturday long run was in the books.

And the best thing about early Saturday morning breakfast with friends after the run. Gimme me my bacon, pancakes, and coffee!!!

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