Friday, December 16, 2011

Pre-session mid-week run

Thursday evening a eager group of runners met for some easy miles to the river and back. These weeknight runs will be huge from next week on, as this Saturday is the big kickoff to the spring 2012 session.
Newcomer Amy joined us, having recently ran a 5K, and tasting the thrill of running. Her goals are to increase her speed in her next 5K, and from there, who knows? Maybe bigger things.
Nothing beats a great pair of legs. Jeff, aka the Indigent Runner, sports non-matching socks and cotton gym shorts in his running ensemble. In his real life, he's the preppy/yuppie type, and a closet comedienne.
Here's a quartet of RunnersWorld babes. After our 45 +/- minute run, we often spend another 45 minutes or so just hanging out. Several runners enjoy the Eating Club afterward--ask around and join us!!

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