Friday, May 21, 2010

Saturday Runs

Simply a reminder that we are meeting at 7 AM at Turkey Mountain on Saturday mornings (until the resumption of formal Runners World Marathon Training in mid June).  These are informal runs, with offerings of trails, paved paths, and even area streets at varying distances.  There are approximately 463.7283 miles (yeah, I sorta made up that number) of paved paths in and around the Tulsa area (multiply this distance by approximately 2.1363 if you choose to run as out and back – some accountant/auditor type will have to verify the exact formula and ensure that it complies with Sarbanes Oxley reporting criteria – hope we have one in the group, but no more than that as they can really bring down a group of happy path pounders faster than you can say “congratulations, you’re going to have to undergo a quadruple root canal”), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to run them all in the same day.
If you do choose to participate, please remember to bring your shoes.
Also, stay tuned for upcoming info from Runners World on how to enroll for the next TOTALLY FREE marathon training session.  It’s also not too early to start saying all those various little prayers/chants and performing various forms of cannibalistic rituals, utilizing effigies as appropriate, in futile hopes of getting assigned to a diminumous suckolotis training run group/leader.  Above all else, hope you don’t get stuck with one who has been afflicted with an inoperable case of excessively wind-y fingeritis.   

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Run for the Sharks

RunnersWorld rocked the Aquarium Half marathon last weekend. Several of our runners ran, and there were several milestones!!

Tom Robinson ran a 2:09:46.

Truly, I don't know how something that old can move so fast.

Amanda Gulley ran her 1st half marathon. Amanda has had a great year, starting things out running a race that only the insane would do--the Polar Bear Plunge into the icy waters of the Arkansas River on Jan 1st. This is after running a two hour Tulsa Run a couple of months earlier. At the Six Hour Snake Run, if a blinding blizzard, Amanda ran 8 miles in super tough conditions. So running a half marathon--was that a challenge? Well, when I saw her, she was all business. Coach Kathy paced her he whole way, and if you ask me, I think Kathy was just recruiting pacers for her own ultra endeavors. Amanda went on to finish the Shark Half in 3:01:33. That time will stand only until she runs another half. Congrats, Amanda! You ROCK!

From left to right, Susan and Kristin provided fan support for their friends. Amanda is enjoying that medal around her neck. Behind her, her Mom Deborah smashed her PR, running a 2:37:55. Derek hung close to Amanda and Coach Kathy and clocked a 3:01:59. Not far behind was Misty Stanton who crossed the mat at 3:12:35. Her hubby Brian sped to a 2:30:52 finish. Both of those were PRs as they were first I right? I know Amanda George had a PR, getting under that 3:00 mark. WTG! And Sue Westmoreland hung with Misty and had 3:12:35 by her chip.

Other RunnersWorld runners, whom I do not have pictured are:
Chris Posey--------1:48:00 (WOW!)
Ashley Snyder------2:02:57
Simone Halstead----2:13:08
Bronda Vosburgh----2:13:10
Guy Wolcott--------2:19:54
David James--------2:20:20
Kelly Pound--------2:21:31
Wilma Harris-------2:37:56
Jim Hughes---------2:43:49
LaToya Silman------2:57:29
Sonya Embry--------3:38:30
Kathy Hoover-------3:01:33

Ok, now who have I left out? Please leave a comment--just a name will do, and I'll list your times.

Congrats to all of you! We represented RW well!!!

PS, if I borrowed your pic from Facebook, let me know and I'll have your royalty check in the mail.

Hope Rains Late Report

I know it's late, but it's a shame to let these pictures gather cyber-dust, so why not dust them off and put them here? What seems like 441 hours ago, a buncha RunnersWorld runners ran some dirt at the Hope Rains 5K. This was the 3rd year for this short trail race, which utilized Holland Ha;;'s cross-country course. This was a beautiful conglomeration of trails, complete with hills, roots, some flat areas, lots of trees, and a couple of wooden bridges.Runners came out of the woodwork to do this race. I had not seen Candice racing in a couple of years, or so it seemed. Susan was also all geared up to run, having just squeaked in under the wire, and assuming a secret identity. Jason has his game face on, but the camera cut some of it off.

This race really does it right. They erected these giant air-filled slides and Jupiter-Jumps.If only I were a kid!!!

Dr. Z was one of the sponsors and had his torture tables massage tables set up for business to anyone with an ache or pain.

More friendly faces I do not get to see enough. Cindy was making this her comeback race of sorts. Her Dr. said she could walk as she was getting over an injury. So, Cindy decided to POWER WALK this trail 5K. Sounds like something I'd do!Linda and Teresa are all smiles, but it could be because of the fact that Outback was providing the post-race food!!!

Some of the Elites. Brandon and Cameron prepare to dust the competition. They dusted their Dad for sure!!

There's a story in this picture.First, it is cool to see Deon racing, and especially on dirt. (And in dirt on foot instead of a motorcycle.) But the amazing thing is his girlfriend Karen. This is her first time to run on trails, and she is racing! Her eyes are closed--tightly! She's thinking Please let this just be a dream!! (She did great, did not finish last, and Deon was not banished to the doghouse.

There were hills to climb.And some nice flat sections.And my most favorite wood bridge ever!

Once I finished my race, I assumed the photographer role.Lisa come trotting in just barely behind me.

Linda races to the finish, and looks like she had a fun time.

Go Bobby!! You need more trails and less pavement, brother!

Little Miss Devious sneers at the camera. Arena is in her happy place, having figured the trail running thing out. You might outrun her, but you probably can't outlast her.

Cindy placed in her age group last year, and would have won 1st racewalker, if they had a racewalking division.

See, as long as Deon does not push her down to beat her across the finish line, he'll be just fine.

Candice WINS her age group!! First race back from a long time off, and takes home the hardware....well, in this race, it was a cupcake. Better than a little old medal any day! Candice also pulled off a rare feat, in which she won a in a race where she also threw up. I don't think she'll be upset about this news being broadcast. That's the real sign of a diehard who can deal with adversity during a race and push through it. Talking about pushing through a boundary....oops, that's another blog!

Here is the list of cupcake eaters and where they placed in their age groups to earn that right.
Cameron Plate------1st in age group
Brandon Plate------3rd in age group
Jason McGinnis-----3rd in age group
Kathy Hoover-------1st in age group
Linda Jaramillo----3rd in age group
Kathy Hoover--1st in # cupcakes ate