Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Run for the Sharks

RunnersWorld rocked the Aquarium Half marathon last weekend. Several of our runners ran, and there were several milestones!!

Tom Robinson ran a 2:09:46.

Truly, I don't know how something that old can move so fast.

Amanda Gulley ran her 1st half marathon. Amanda has had a great year, starting things out running a race that only the insane would do--the Polar Bear Plunge into the icy waters of the Arkansas River on Jan 1st. This is after running a two hour Tulsa Run a couple of months earlier. At the Six Hour Snake Run, if a blinding blizzard, Amanda ran 8 miles in super tough conditions. So running a half marathon--was that a challenge? Well, when I saw her, she was all business. Coach Kathy paced her he whole way, and if you ask me, I think Kathy was just recruiting pacers for her own ultra endeavors. Amanda went on to finish the Shark Half in 3:01:33. That time will stand only until she runs another half. Congrats, Amanda! You ROCK!

From left to right, Susan and Kristin provided fan support for their friends. Amanda is enjoying that medal around her neck. Behind her, her Mom Deborah smashed her PR, running a 2:37:55. Derek hung close to Amanda and Coach Kathy and clocked a 3:01:59. Not far behind was Misty Stanton who crossed the mat at 3:12:35. Her hubby Brian sped to a 2:30:52 finish. Both of those were PRs as they were first I right? I know Amanda George had a PR, getting under that 3:00 mark. WTG! And Sue Westmoreland hung with Misty and had 3:12:35 by her chip.

Other RunnersWorld runners, whom I do not have pictured are:
Chris Posey--------1:48:00 (WOW!)
Ashley Snyder------2:02:57
Simone Halstead----2:13:08
Bronda Vosburgh----2:13:10
Guy Wolcott--------2:19:54
David James--------2:20:20
Kelly Pound--------2:21:31
Wilma Harris-------2:37:56
Jim Hughes---------2:43:49
LaToya Silman------2:57:29
Sonya Embry--------3:38:30
Kathy Hoover-------3:01:33

Ok, now who have I left out? Please leave a comment--just a name will do, and I'll list your times.

Congrats to all of you! We represented RW well!!!

PS, if I borrowed your pic from Facebook, let me know and I'll have your royalty check in the mail.


cposey said...

Chris Posey! :-)

RunnersWorld-Tulsa said...

Gotcha Chris. Great job!!

Laurie England said...

That pic of Tom is from my camera - shooting the camera to the back of the bus from over my head.... I'll watch for that check in the mail! hahaha :)