Friday, May 21, 2010

Saturday Runs

Simply a reminder that we are meeting at 7 AM at Turkey Mountain on Saturday mornings (until the resumption of formal Runners World Marathon Training in mid June).  These are informal runs, with offerings of trails, paved paths, and even area streets at varying distances.  There are approximately 463.7283 miles (yeah, I sorta made up that number) of paved paths in and around the Tulsa area (multiply this distance by approximately 2.1363 if you choose to run as out and back – some accountant/auditor type will have to verify the exact formula and ensure that it complies with Sarbanes Oxley reporting criteria – hope we have one in the group, but no more than that as they can really bring down a group of happy path pounders faster than you can say “congratulations, you’re going to have to undergo a quadruple root canal”), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to run them all in the same day.
If you do choose to participate, please remember to bring your shoes.
Also, stay tuned for upcoming info from Runners World on how to enroll for the next TOTALLY FREE marathon training session.  It’s also not too early to start saying all those various little prayers/chants and performing various forms of cannibalistic rituals, utilizing effigies as appropriate, in futile hopes of getting assigned to a diminumous suckolotis training run group/leader.  Above all else, hope you don’t get stuck with one who has been afflicted with an inoperable case of excessively wind-y fingeritis.   

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