Monday, June 14, 2010

We will miss you, Ronit!

Just a quick note to share a new blog that one of our runners has created. Ronit will soon be leaving us to go into the mission field, helping translate the bible into other languages in parts of the world where the bible is not even available. She has started a blog that will chronicle her journey. The link will also be in the list of blogs to the left. We will miss her smiling face and cheerful personality, and wish her the absolute best in all she does. At the time of this writing, Ronit is not quite halfway through Free Wheel, in Heavener Oklahoma hopefully dodging the severe storms pelting the state. Since joining our group a couple of years ago, she has done well at everything she has set her mind to do, including reeling off theree marathons in a span of about six weeks, earning her Marathon Maniac status. Be sure to congratulate her, wish her well and hug her neck the next time you see her.

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