Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FROM THE MIND OF LARRYSome of you have already enrolled for the 2010 Runners World Summer/Fall Marathon Training Session, but many have not. Just to make sure that life isn’t speeding by too quickly, I wanted to let the old gang know that we formally start the next training session this Saturday, June 19th, 6:45 AM, at Veteran’s Park (21st and Boulder).

Ideally, the great folks at Runners World, as well as Brian Hoover, would love to have you enroll (link below) to make sure that they send you all the newsletters, emails, and other friendly running related stuff. Slightly below that ideal, the next best option is to come on out and do some bandit running with us, preserving your incognito witness protection profile. A little further down, is that if you can’t or won’t join us, then please help spread the word to friends and foes about the FREE Marathon (or other distances of your choosing) training and encourage them to give us a no obligation tryout. Worst case would be if you don’t come out at all nor tell anyone else about this wonderful opportunity to be hazed, harassed, and periodically encouraged to join with others in pushing back on the aging process through increased cardio and strength fitness.

Remember, all levels, all speeds, and all distances are welcome to join us. We have runners who range from just getting started (walk a lot) to experienced marathoners who are pushing for new personal records.

If you can’t make it this Saturday, then join us next week or the one after that, as it shouldn’t be too tough to catch up in mileage during the first few weeks. On Saturday, our pace groups will be ranging from 3 to 7 mile distances, with paces ranging from under 8 to over 15 minutes per mile. Basically, something for everyone.

So, since you’re going to get up anyway on Saturday, go ahead and schedule an hour or so and join us for our Kick Off training run at 6:45 AM. You bring the shoes, and some semblance of running attire, and hook up with us for some high kickin’ times. When you get there, ask for anyone other than Brian, and they’ll be glad to help you get with the right group. We’ll be the ones in running shorts, just so you’ll know who to look for.

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