Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RW drivelings

Wow!! Last Saturday. 11.5% of the population of Tulsa was at Veteran's Park to run with RW. Ok, maybe that is a bit of an overestimate, but there were a bunch out for the first Saturday long run in the session for the fall marathons. Fall weather.....sigh....

One of the coolest things about a new session is seeing all the new groups and the clever names and creative signs. Hope I did not miss anyone. If I did, look me up next time and I'll do a photo-shoot.

Dr. Z lead the morning stretching. He volunteers his time to do this, and even works with sweaty smelly runners after the run. What a guy!
Saturday's run, was nice and warm. Sweat glands were in fine form, and water was a precious commodity. Twas a bit of a line at the drinking fountain near 11th Street. But by the time the "Herd of Turtles reached the pedestrian bridge, the crowd had thinned out.Ahh....the refreshing waters of the mighty Arkansas!

Another thing of note: the bunny slippers were passed this last week from Larry (who we thought had lost, pawned, or possible eaten them) to Derek. It will be interesting to see what adventures Derek has with our beloved house shoes this week.Notice how Larry seems to be praying--possibly asking the Lord for forgiveness for the sins committed against the blue fuzzy flip flops.

Have a great week everyone and stay cool.

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