Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot times, summer in the city....

Spring is in the air. YEAH RIGHT!! It's friggin summertime hanging heavy in the hazy horizon. (Hows that for alliteration?) Muggy temps make for tedious runs. Why not just stay home and bag it? Maybe it will be cooler tomorrow. In fact, maybe July will be lows in the 50s and highs in the low 70s with a slight north breeze....GET REAL!!
Tuesday night, in the shade of Helmerich Park, our gang met for a nice evening run. Nobody overheated, everybody perspired, and we got a session of running done proving that what does not kill us only makes us stronger (smelling?) Most ran 3-4 miles. In the heat, it's perfectly ok to run much easier. Not that there is a law against doing intervals or fartleks. Tatur Dave took off his shoes and did sprints in the sand down by the volleyball pits for 20 minutes. Barefoot. (Brainless?) He got a good workout in, and took care of that nasty callous on his big toe in the process.Sorry, no toe-hamburger pix.

Brian and Roman cool down after their run.

RockStar Eddie and Tom take a different approach to the cool-down.

Coach Kathy looks like she hasn't even broke a sweat. WOW!

Derek strikes a "ham" pose for the paparazzi while Laurie fights off a sneeze.

Susan shows off her bling captured from the Boomtown half. Nice medal, nice tech shirt, nice hat. I need to put this race on my calender for next year!

Laurie logged another run in the warm temps. Laurie has a blog, linked to the RW blog, that is insightful and though provoking. Running in the heat has been a challenge for her--but it is for everyone. Running when it's in the 90s or hotter puts you miles ahead of the folks who never venture out the door to push themselves. I am impressed with her tenacity and her honesty in her blogposts.

After the run, the group leaders made their way to Mazzios for a meeting to discuss the fall marathon training session. Coach Kathy lays it all on the line. This session looks like it will be better than ever, with our groups becoming more specialized, and with more newcomers than ever.

It was a great day with friends. We hung out, we ate together. Good times. No one seemed to suffer any ill effects....except maybe for Larry?

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