Thursday, September 25, 2008

Summer tried to make it's last stand Thursday night. It was a warm afternoon/evening for a run, but the ever-tough runners of RunnersWorld ate up the miles like it was a cool crisp November day. 30-40 runners gathered at the store as 5:30 rolled around. We waited a few extra minutes as it seems there was one zillion
cars stacked up on I-44 keeping quite a few of the group from making it on time.Kathy made a few announcements about the Saturday 18 miler that's coming up.We then recognized a few birthdays. Mike turned another year older which goes to prove you CAN still run when you get up in years.

Lindsay had a birthday and we may have another birthday before the weekend is up. I'm betting it's a 10 pounder.
I know, I should be slapped!

Sarah did not have a birthday, but set a HUGE PR in the Race for the Cure 5K last Saturday. I am doing good to run a 5K in 25 minutes, and now I know I cannot hang with Sarah who blazed the course in 24:27. Truly amazing!

Jill ran with us Tuesday, but the obnoxious guy with the camera did not find her. She was not so lucky Thursday though. She did ask for a re-do of her first pic, but I thought the 1st picture was better. Cool to have ya out, and I hope ya keep coming back.

Then we were off and running. Sandra sets a steady pace, and smiles for the camera before turning the corner.

Sonya begins her power walking at a 15 minute mile pace and will cover 6 miles in exactly 90 minutes. Not a second more, not a second less. You can set your watch by it. She already knows what her finishing time in the Route 66 marathon will be. Try walking her pace for a while and see if you can stay up.

Spilling onto the Riverside trails, the Bean Team dominates. The Beaners were out in full force tonight. Deon, Kim, and Jason lead the way.

Rounding out Team Bean are Erin and Lisa, with Runners World course designer demons Kathy and Dave lurking behind.

Best of luck too you all on Saturday. Run strong, run smart, and light your blogs up with tales of your adventures.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Twas another Tuesday....

It is with a heavy heart and tired feet that the resident RunnersWorld blogger has been absent from the past two Saturday long runs. I will be gone for the next three weekends as well racing myself into the grave no doubt. Check the Trail Zombie blog for an occasional race report. I will be running with the group on Tuesday and Thursdays, and will be back on Saturday October 18th.

But Tuesday was a night for fun and silliness. Gone were Coach Kathy and Brian. Where you might ask? They were celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary. Hey! What's the deal. They already celebrated an anniversary like just last year! I hope all went well. (I will be in hiding for a few days!!)

We had fun all the same. Quite a nice crowd fought their way through Riverside Drive traffic to run some nice easy miles. There were a couple of semi-new peeps with us tonight.
Mushtaq on the left has been out with us for a Saturday run a couple of weeks ago, and is playing catch-up with his marathon training. He has a good base and should be able to fit right in with our current long runs. Patty trained with us back in February, and then broke her leg. She has been after her doctor for the past few weeks to let her start her walking regime, and just this week he released her. So she was out this evening, and walked FIVE miles. I did not realize it was her first longish walk, but she did fine. Just be sure to listen to your body and don't do too much too soon.

We had a good run. Stretched the legs, got the heart rate up, broke a good sweat. Teresa and I were talking about oldies and were trying to remember the song Party Doll. I told her I'd You-Tube it and post the link, but I decided not to. Pretty risque lyrics for the 50s.

Afterward, a bunch of us went to McAlister's Deli for dinner. More fun and silliness, with our carb-heavy food. Don't try to take a cookie away from Roman!

Can you say YUM?!?!

Deon would not take a bite until I put the camera away!

Candice discusses the virtues of butterscotch pudding.

Join us Thursday for more FUN!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday night run report

It was another "feel good" day for running last night. RunnersWorld was elbow-room-only again as we assembled at 5:30. Brian and Kathy make the announcements, while Erin and Molly are not paying attention at all. Mike sports some nice ink--something like a zombie would like. :-)

The bunny slipper spent the week with Bobby, and went to work with him every day. He also helped Bobby and Susan at an aid station at Sunday's Turkey and Taturs race. Bobby passed the bunny to Ed. Ed has been a great running partner for Bobby for the past few months. Ed, if you have not checked out his blog, has went from a "big ol' boy" to a lean and mean runner.

We had two new people with us Thursday. Konda, on the left, drove all the way from Bartlesville to run with us. Janie is a friend of Brenda.

Those two ride more miles on their bikes in a week than most people drive. It was great to have you out with us, and I hope you'll come back. :-)

Then it was time to run. Some people might think it is boring to always run the same routes through the neighborhood and down the same trail at the river every Thursday. But for me, it is always a different run. I always try to run with someone different along the way. Sometimes I might try to keep up with the fast runners, and sometimes I take it easy. There is always good conversation, laughing, and fun.

On the way back, Bobby, Deon, and Ed practice their synchronized running.

We hung out after the run, rehydrated, swapped tales and lies. Can you pick out the pregnant woman in this picture?

Jason and his evil twin Deon pose for a pic. Nice outfit, dudes!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The weather is getting so much nicer as we amble on in to autumn. 60 RunnersWorld runners lined the river trails Tuesday night, some after running 16 miles over the weekend, some after running trails on Sunday, and some who did both!

We had three newcomers with us Tuesday!

Nancy joined us. Nancy has run the Tulsa Run once in the 1980s, once in the 1990s, and once in the 200s. She is really shaking things up now, as she is gonna do 2 Tulsa Runs in the same decade!.

Tonya ran with us tonight. She is a competitive fighter. I asked if it were karate, kick-boxing, or whatever? She said it was all of that, although she did say that biting was not a part of the regimine.

Kristin said she has run with us a time or two before, but she was a new face to me.

It was great to have you all. We hope to see you many more times! :-)

Most had a relaxed run, which fit the bill after the weekend. Can't wait to hear what adventures next Saturday holds!

More congratulations are in order to Billy, who won his age group in yet another 5K this past weekend. Billy has really stepped the pace up, and seems to be getting a little faster all the time. Next on his list is the Zoo Run in which he'll be doing the 10K. Way to go!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Congrats to all the T&T runners, Thanks to all the volunteers

A few words about the Turkey and Taturs Race last Sunday. Over 300 runners signed up for a run that looked to be the mother of all mud runs. But instead we were treated to the very best of early autumn weather and other than a few mucky clay trails, the trails were in pristine condition. (That is if you like rocks and roots!)

Ken and Kathy completed the 50K.

Glenn Kerr, Kathy Fleig, Charlie Willsey, Aaron Stacey, Bob Lovelace, Janeen Lovelace, Tammy wagoner, Gregory Ohs, Caroline Glenn, Dana Childress, and Roman Broyles completed the 25K.

Lisa Kedzuf (pictured at the right), Jason McGinnis, Jimma Crow, Jim Vandeventer, Sonja Embry, Julienne Lovelace completed the 10K.

Our group provided a host of volunteers. I am sure to miss someone, but thanks to Stefani, Cindy, Carmie, Teresa, Simone, Joye, Candice, Cassy, Lisa, Sandra, Stacy, Dustin, Brenda, Linda, Bobby, Susan, Kristin, Russell, and a big thank you to Darcy who did so much work behind the scenes. Please feel free to let me know who I forgot. I want them listed and pat them on the back for a job very well done.

And not to let up on the back patting, be sure to congratulate Glenn, who ran like a man processed, and took 2nd place in the 25K. I saw Glenn when he passed me at mile 2.46. I had a 30 minute head start which and he blew by me running in 5th place. In the next 13 miles, he reeled in 3 of the four who were ahead of him, and was not far behind the leader at all. Glenn, on the left, congratulates the winner in the race.

And pat Coach Kathy on the back too, as she finished 1st Geezer. :-Þ

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cheated the rain

At 3:00 this afternoon, I doubted that anyone would even show up to run. I was doing a little pre-marking of the Turkey and Taturs Trail Race course, and it was pouring down rain. (Some great mud is being brewed for the weekend!) But at 5:30, RunnersWorld was PACKED with everyone who was anyone. A little rain dampening our spirits? NOT!! And in fact, it only barely sprinkled on us towards the end of the run.

After a week of hanging with the Bunny, it was time to pass him to another worthy runner. I gave them to Bobby....for a host of reasons. To my knowledge, Bobby has missed running on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday only maybe twice since I have known him, and that was because he was babysitting his granddaughter. (A pretty good excuse if you ask me!)He has steadily improved from day one and last year met his goal of a sub 2-hour in the Tulsa Run. The next April, he successfully tackled the OKC half marathon. Bobby and Susan are always ready and willing to help out wherever needed, including working aid stations in the Turkey and Taturs Trail Race this Sunday. Also, Bobby is pacing me in the Mother Road 100 this November, and then running his first marathon (Route 66) the next week. Way to go, Cool Bobby!

Also, we had a Shirt-Alert drawing. Larry's name was drawn. That $30 gift certificate is right under your nose!

But enough of that....Let's RUN!Way to lean into the turn!

Poor Boomer....had to drag Marvin 4 miles tonight.

Ed said his sister was running with us tonight. Her name is Lisa, as is half of the ladies in our group. Notice the uncanny family resemblance, especially how they point their fingers like they have six-shooters in their hands. Ed does that in almost every must be a genetic thing.

I went 6.5 miles tonight, and made it back a little late for the clinic that Lisa Butler was putting on. But I did get to get a shot of two hot RunnersWorld ladies!!